And so it begins…

Mayor Daley is starting his list of restrictive laws – he didn’t quite learn from Heller, did he?

UPDATE, by GunNutmegger

From Instapundit:

STEVE CHAPMAN: Chicago Gun Control: The Sequel. “The mayor is expected to demand registration of all handguns, mandatory training for gun owners and a limit of one handgun per person. This last novel idea comes from Corporation Counsel Mara Georges, who according to the Associated Press ‘says the court ruled people can have a gun for protection, but didn’t say they’re allowed more than one.’” Bitter, angry hacks.

UPDATE, by GunNutmegger

Mayor Daley backs off plan to limit residents to one gun

Looks like he saw no legal grounds to continue his temper-tantrum…

Some interesting links from Massad Ayoob

GNM went and saw him give a talk a couple of years ago in support of the Blue Trail Range – he’s an interesting speaker, and I have great respect for his perspective on concealed carry.

In any event, I stumbled into this collection of links earlier today.

Cash for Used Brass?

I found this last week via Gun Nuts Media

Lucky is paying cash for reloadable brass in certain calibers. It’s certainly a possible way to offset your shooting costs if you’re not reloading yourself.

(might have to start policing up my brass, instead of throwing it in the bin…)

Scary News out of Ohio

From The Jawa Report:

Ohio Democratic Party attempts illegal seizure of personal info on all 211,000 Ohio concealed carry permit holders

Stay alert people! The gun-haters are despondent over Heller and McDonald…

Gun Store – New England Stream & Field

New England Stream & Field

New England Stream & Field

New England Stream & Field
157 Meriden Rd. (Rte 66)
Middlefield, CT 06455

M-W: 9am-6pm
T-F: 9am-8pm
Sat: 9am-5pm
Sun: 10am-4pm

New England Stream & Field’s new location is in Middlefield (they were formerly located in Silversmith Park in Wallingford; this new building used to house Cubeta’s Field & Stream).