About that map…

Over the course of the last year, GNM and I have been visiting as many gun stores as we can locate in Connecticut. The Google map is the result of our initial research, and we’ve probably visited about 90% of the stores listed on it. We found out a couple of things – Connecticut is a truly beautiful state, especially once you get past the urban areas – and there are a lot more places of interest to shooters here than we thought.

Over time, we plan to update the map, removing the places we were unable to locate, and adding whatever new locations we come across.

Since we plan to blog about our impressions of these stores, and we came to that thought pretty late, we now have a perfect excuse to revisit the ones we like. We need pictures and fresh impressions after all. 😉

With that in mind, if you know of someplace of interest, and you don’t see it on the map (or see a post about it), please feel free to contact us with the location.

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