Gun Store – Hoffman’s Gun Center & Indoor Range

Hoffman’s Gun Center & Indoor Range
2686 Berlin Turnpike
Newington, CT 06111

M-F: 9am-8pm
Sat: 9am-6pm
Sun: 11am-5pm

You can find Hoffman’s at their new location on the Berlin Turnpike.
Hoffman’s is a very large store, with a lot of merchandise in it. There is a large rectangular counter in the center of the store, with racks of merchandise around it and on every wall:



Note cases of ammo beginning in the foreground, and continuing towards the back of the store:

The center rectangle is made of glass handgun display cases all the way around, with pegboard displays of certain accessories behind the counter. What is in those glass cases? New handguns; a whole case of Glock, a whole case of Taurus, a whole case of Sig, a case of Kahr, a case of HK (we suck and they hate us, yadda yadda yadda), 3 cases of Smith&Wesson, 2 cases of Ruger, a case of Heritage Rough-rider single-actions, case after case of 1911s from multiple manufacturers:

The only other store in CT with this many handguns is Cabela’s, and I don’t know which store actually has more. But it’s a lot.

At the back of the store is the used handgun department, inside glass cases. The used handguns tended towards “used new guns”, in other words: used examples of current-production guns. There were some interesting older handguns but not as many lately as there were in the past. A Beretta Tomcat Inox caught my eye. Behind that area (and accessible to customers) is a wall of long guns, which continues around to the adjacent wall:

Yes, that is shotgun ammo stacked up under the big wall of long guns. There are also 2 double-length racks of long guns on the floor. A good mix of hunting guns, target guns, cowboy-action guns, defensive guns, and tacticool mall-ninja stroke-fodder is on display:

The ammunition is divided up between rimfire, centerfire rifle, centerfire pistol (target) and centerfire pistol (defensive). There was an entire end-cap of .380 target ammo! When we visited, there was something available in every caliber, but there wasn’t always a large selection within the caliber. Not a lot of .38 hollowpoint ammo choices, for example.

They have an excellent selection of holsters, cases, magazines, reloading components, scopes, rings & mounts, bipods, replacement shotgun stocks, pepper spray, flashlights and more. Hoffman’s is the only store that offers a selection of carry-friendly belts, in addition to holsters. If you carry regularly, and have had a regular belt fail on you, you will appreciate the options.

And, then there is the rental gun department & the most modern indoor pistol range in CT:

They have a good selection of rental guns to choose from. Lessons are available, as are pistol permit classes. As you might expect, if you use their range you have to use their ammo. More details available at their website.

Hoffman’s is a one-stop shop. You can get a gun to suit almost any purpose, ammo, a holster to carry it, and range time to use it (handgun calibers only) all in one place. Not surprisingly, Hoffman’s is a pretty busy place. Sometimes it can take a little while for a salesman to be available to help you. It’s not excessive, it’s just the price of shopping at a popular destination.

One of the benefits of that level of activity is that Hoffman’s can buy deep and offer some very aggressive deals. A 4-day special running when we visited was a Beretta 92F-M9 (with 2 magazines) for $499.95, extra mags for $19.95, and Speer Lawman 115gr 9mm TMJ for $9.95/box (limit 10/customer). Check around and you will see that’s a very good deal. They also have rebates or free magazines for S&W pistols & rifles, Ruger LCP starting at $249.95 (raspberry frame, it’s you Crapgame!) P95 for $269.95, SR9 and SR9c for $389.95. In the past they have offered S&W 642 for $329.

Bottom line: it is worth your time to stop by or check their website regularly.

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3 Responses to “Gun Store – Hoffman’s Gun Center & Indoor Range”

  1. Fern Albert says:

    Would you happen to have a set of SS grip screw/bushing for a 1911? Thanks Fern

    • crapgame says:

      Hi Fern – you’ll have to check with Hoffman’s – we just wrote them up, we’re not affiliated with them in any way. You can find their contact information at the very top of the post though.

  2. Fern, I am one of the younger salesman that currently works at hoffman’s. If you are looking for small pistol replacement parts, we don’t really carry stuff like that since we don’t really have an in-house gunsmith. I would recommend calling sig and asking them to ship replacement parts, they’ll probably do it for free. Or go see the gents at Jojo’s gunworks, the are the best gunsmith’s and tactical arms dealers within a 200 mile radius!