A REVIEW of Newington Gun Exchange

NOTICE: We are NOT Newington Gun Exchange.  This is a review of their store! 

210 Market Square
Newington CT 06111

M – F: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 11am-4pm

Just look for the big picture of Teddy Roosevelt.

NOTE: WE ARE NOT A GUN STORE — THIS IS JUST A WRITE-UP OF THE STORE. If you want to get in touch with the fine folks at Newington Gun Exchange, use the contact information listed above. 

Newington Gun Exchange (NOT US! REALLY!) carries new & used firearms, and they have plenty of interesting used items (this is one of the places we visit regularly to find unusual guns). There are plenty of sporting long-arms, including surplus military, 2 dozen lever-action rifles and a dozen muzzleloaders.

Plenty of wheelguns for the fans of the breed:

Yes, they also have a wall of tacticool Evil Black Rifles:

Many glass cases filled with handguns, new and used. 1911s and polymer-frame guns both represented, as are single-action revolvers. Lots of good defensive choices to pick from, and interesting vintage stuff too:

Some of the noteworthy items: two Walther P5 pistols (me want!), two Norinco Tokarevs converted to 9mm (I would convert them back, LOL), a half-dozen H&R .22 and .32 revolvers, a Luger with holster, unusual FN FAL with a semi-thumbhole stock, several Remington XP-100 bolt-action pistols, a Marlin Camp Carbine in 9mm with a pistol grip folding stock (rare pre-ban), an SKS with a scope mounted to the receiver cover (oddly, this example had no play or wobble in the cover; felt rock solid), a HK VP70Z (supposedly the first polymer-framed handgun; kinda bulky, with a horrendous trigger-pull if the stories are true). Also saw what appeared to be a new Mossberg lever action. Is Mossberg going to take up the slack for Marlin (which is shutting down its CT plant?) I mean, the Mossberg plant is just down the road from the Marlin plant…

And of course the usual ammo, holsters, optics.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff to see. If you are looking for used guns, make Newington Gun Exchange a regular stop.

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3 Responses to “A REVIEW of Newington Gun Exchange”

  1. Warren M says:

    Went to NGE over the weekend, 9/11 to be exact and picked up a S&W Night Guard 380. Dandy little attitude adjuster. The folks at NGE couldn’t have been more helpful. Low pressure sales, knowledgeable staff and left me alone when I wanted to be left alone. WIll be a regular customer.

    • crapgame says:

      They’re good folks there. It’s a great spot to find unusual firearms. We check back there periodically, just to see what “new” old stuff they’ve gotten in. It’s not my favorite place for things like ammo or accessories, but for things that go “bang”, it’s a great stop.

  2. Everett Barnes says:

    Went to NGE. Very nice weapons and ammo store. Bought a Japanese Arisaka 99 for my brothers birthday. Great deal for a WW II weapon ! I’ve got to buy the ammo online though . Thanks,