More Good News at the Federal Level

The “Protecting Gun Owners in Bankruptcy Act of 2010” Bill has passed in the House. This is excellent news, as it exempts at least some firearms from liquidation in the event of a bankruptcy filing.

Bill to Reform Federal Excise Tax on Ammo

Via the View from the Porch – Contact your Senator. It’s already cleared the House, so on to the Senate. Tam points out that we’re unfairly taxed on defensive ammo to support wildlife conservation. While I somewhat agree, I don’t necessarily mind all that much, since one of the things we can always point to is that gun owners do a lot to support conservation (no Bambi, no venison after all).  And who doesn’t want to support Bambi?

From the NSSF Blog –

This legislation corrects a longstanding inequity in the Internal Revenue Code by permitting firearm and ammunition manufacturers to pay the federal excise tax payment on a quarterly basis, like other industries that support conservation through a federal excise tax. Currently, manufacturers pay this tax on a bi-weekly schedule, forcing many manufacturers to borrow money to ensure on-time payment.

So basically, it simplifies the effort on both sides – that can only help things, because better cash flow means less short-term borrowing. Hopefully that’ll bring better prices, but if nothing else, it helps strengthen the companies.

Cheaper Than Dirt Interviews Kelly Bachand from Top Shot

image from Shot is a “reality” show (and I use that term extremely loosely) that’s been playing on the History Channel for the last several weeks. I started watching when I heard that Caleb from Gun Nuts Media was competing, and kept watching while silently cheering both him and Kelly on. I think that both of them have gotten something of a raw deal from the other contestants, culminating in Caleb’s elimination after some very silly drama, and Kelly being up for elimination three times.

My biggest gripe with the show is that it’s set up more for the boring “drama” than it is for the actual shooting. Apparently, next week they’re dissolving the teams, which will hopefully redirect the attention back on the reason why we’ve been watching in the first place.

Spongebob GunNut

I have to admit I’m not a huge cartoon fan, but the camouflage on this AR-15 really amused me.

How I Became a Gun Nut

part of my collection

part of my collection

I’ve had an interest in firearms from a fairly early age. This interest came about despite (or maybe because of) my parents’ absolute embargo of “war toys”. Looking back as an adult, I can understand and even respect their dislike. My father was in the Air Force, and at that time, had just returned from a tour in Thailand, supporting the war in Vietnam. I know he saw some pretty terrible things that stick with him to this day.

Despite that, I was a kid, and a boy at that. I wasn’t allowed toy guns, GI Joes (and then, they were the COOL ones, a foot tall, with tons of accessories), violent movies, tv shows, or books, but I had Legos, and I was pretty creative at building toy guns from them. All my friends had toy guns, and we ran the neighborhood, playing cops and robbers, “war”, cowboys and indians, you name it. We were bloodthirsty little hooligans. If I was playing on my own, any appropriately shaped stick worked as a pistol, a rifle, sword, spear, you name it. All this to say that the allure of the forbidden certainly helped to reinforce an interest in guns.

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