Cheaper Than Dirt Interviews Kelly Bachand from Top Shot

image from Shot is a “reality” show (and I use that term extremely loosely) that’s been playing on the History Channel for the last several weeks. I started watching when I heard that Caleb from Gun Nuts Media was competing, and kept watching while silently cheering both him and Kelly on. I think that both of them have gotten something of a raw deal from the other contestants, culminating in Caleb’s elimination after some very silly drama, and Kelly being up for elimination three times.

My biggest gripe with the show is that it’s set up more for the boring “drama” than it is for the actual shooting. Apparently, next week they’re dissolving the teams, which will hopefully redirect the attention back on the reason why we’ve been watching in the first place. If they’d mixed it up at the beginning, leaving the determination of which two competitors would be going to the Elimination Challenge up to the very easily measured standard of “who are the two lowest scoring shooters”, the show would be considerably more compelling. As it stands, I DVR it, and mostly fast-forward past the non-shooting parts of the show.

image from Cheaper Than Dirt blog has an interview with Kelly Bachand, with some background on his shooting chops, and also about some of the experiences he’s had on Top Shot.

Caleb was interviewed by American Rifleman about his experience on Top Shot.

And finally, you can apply to be on Season Two of Top Shot.

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