Bill to Reform Federal Excise Tax on Ammo

Via the View from the Porch – Contact your Senator. It’s already cleared the House, so on to the Senate. Tam points out that we’re unfairly taxed on defensive ammo to support wildlife conservation. While I somewhat agree, I don’t necessarily mind all that much, since one of the things we can always point to is that gun owners do a lot to support conservation (no Bambi, no venison after all).  And who doesn’t want to support Bambi?

From the NSSF Blog –

This legislation corrects a longstanding inequity in the Internal Revenue Code by permitting firearm and ammunition manufacturers to pay the federal excise tax payment on a quarterly basis, like other industries that support conservation through a federal excise tax. Currently, manufacturers pay this tax on a bi-weekly schedule, forcing many manufacturers to borrow money to ensure on-time payment.

So basically, it simplifies the effort on both sides – that can only help things, because better cash flow means less short-term borrowing. Hopefully that’ll bring better prices, but if nothing else, it helps strengthen the companies.

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