Gun Store – Riverview Sales

Riverview Sales

Riverview Sales

Riverview Sales

4 Prospect Hill rd. (Rte. 5)

East Windsor, CT 06088



Monday-Thursday : 9AM – 7PM
Friday : 9AM – 6PM
Saturday : 9AM – 4PM
Sunday : 10AM – 3PM

Just off I-91 above Hartford you can find Riverview Sales.

Gun Store – BMG Guns & Ammo

Gate Guard @ BMG Guns & Ammo

BMG Guns & Ammo

2543 Berlin Turnpike

Newington, CT  06111



Monday: 11-6:30

Tuesday & Wednesday: closed

Thursday-Friday: 11-6:30

Saturday: 10-5

Sunday: 11-3

The third gun store in Newington is also on the Berlin Turnpike, up the road a ways from Hoffman’s.  If you miss the self-propelled howitzer guarding the entrance to the parking lot, the big signs should still catch your eye:

Suppressed Guns & Better Mousetraps

Silenced Makarov

Silenced Makarov

Suppressors/silencers have been around a long time.  There are many reasons to lower the noise signature of a gun, some tactical, some practical. And there are some disadvantages to it as well.

As a general rule: pillows, soda bottles and other improvised field-expedient measures are not effective, and usually not practical either.  There’s a pretty good article covering the subject of suppressors here.

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Kagan Confirmed to the Supreme Court

Well… crap. The NRA is using the votes towards their grades for candidates. While there has been much crowing already on the Left, I think that they will find in November that votes have consequences.

The five Republicans who should know better are Lindsey Graham, Richard Lugar, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Judd Gregg.

There is already a reaction from Tea Party folks against Richard Lugar.

As a friend of mine wrote on Facebook earlier –

Look on the bright side. Now that Kagen is on the Supreme Court, Justice Sotomayer is now the second most unqualified Justice in history

On Yesterday’s Tragedy in Manchester…

I’ve been debating as to whether I/we should post on this, as it really isn’t what we’ve focused our blog upon, and came to the conclusion that there were things that I want to say.

First, and most importantly, my heartfelt condolences go out the the family, friends, and co-workers of the victims of this terrible crime. It was utterly senseless, and a horrifying reality of our times that this occasionally happens. There was nothing that these people did that could justify this monster’s actions.

I’ve read some of the news stories, and the opinions on some of the blogs I follow. I don’t believe this was about racism. I think that he was obviously disturbed, and at the end of his rope. He was also allegedly a thief. Whatever occurred, it wasn’t that cut-and-dried.