Kagan Confirmed to the Supreme Court

Well… crap. The NRA is using the votes towards their grades for candidates. While there has been much crowing already on the Left, I think that they will find in November that votes have consequences.

The five Republicans who should know better are Lindsey Graham, Richard Lugar, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Judd Gregg.

There is already a reaction from Tea Party folks against Richard Lugar.

As a friend of mine wrote on Facebook earlier –

Look on the bright side. Now that Kagen is on the Supreme Court, Justice Sotomayer is now the second most unqualified Justice in history

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One Response to “Kagan Confirmed to the Supreme Court”

  1. GraniteGal says:

    “The five Republicans who should know better are [4 other RINOS listed] and Judd Gregg.”

    Yeah, about that NH RINO…

    There is a reason true conservatives in Gregg’s state of NH nicknamed him “Judas Gregg” long ago, and this is one of them. He used to blather on about his “reasoning” for voting the way he did, and conservatives kept electing him only because he had “R” after his name. And, well, because the voters probably just didn’t know of his voting record since we just got us some internets here up in the 603.

    Now that Judas is not seeking re-election, and is sitting pretty on millions of dollars of, um… “business transactions,” he blatantly doesn’t give crap what his constituents think of his votes, and rarely gives any reason for his motrivation in voting the way he did.

    Watch- he’ll “retire” to NY or CA, but keep his “lake house” in NH- a la Romney.