Google AdSense…. Political Correctness is Annoying..

So, let’s see, we decided to sign up for Google AdSense, in order to pick up a little bit of the maintenance costs of the blog as a Cabela’s Affiliate.  All good so far, right?

I filled out the information requested, and sent it off. I just received a response via email from Google that they will not be accepting us because of “Unacceptable site content”.

So follow the bouncing ball here – Google AdSense won’t advertise on sites that discuss firearms. Cabela’s is one of the largest online retailers for firearms related merchandise. Google runs their affiliate program. They have advertisements for firearms related merchandise.  A blog that doesn’t discuss firearms at all, and fits within Google’s definition of “acceptable”, can show a GOOGLE AD ABOUT FIREARMS (which in my mind puts them in violation of Google’s policies…) .

They can set whatever rules they like, but doesn’t this strike anybody else as just a bit schizophrenic?

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