Reactions About The Suckiness or Non-Suckiness of the 1911

Well, I guess every blog has that article that finally brings it some attention….  There’s been an amazing amount of attention to GunNutmegger’s two articles on the subject. I thought I’d throw in my much milder two cents and highlight some of the blog posts written in response to GNM’s blasphemy. 😉

First of all, I love the 1911 – when I was a little kid and saw one in a movie, I immediately wanted one. When I finally got my CCL, I owned a Para GI Expert within a week, totally by accident. I was in the store looking for some ammo, and I casually asked if they’d gotten in any of the then brand-new GI Experts. He had two in the back, and within minutes of fondling it, I was smitten and filling out the paperwork.

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Quality – 1911, Glock, Taurus

Cult Membership

Cult Membership

Wow, looks like the 1911 Sucks post stirred up some strong emotions.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I had a great time debating the issues and I learned a lot.  But there were also some other issues that were raised and not addressed to my satisfaction (being the sort of guy who likes facts and evidence).  For instance: just how reliable are 1911s?  How reliable are Glocks?  And, from the comments, some people took exception to my characterization of Taurus as a brand with hit-or-miss quality, so what is the real deal with Taurus quality?

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We’ve Finally Found the Formula for Gun-blogging Success!

Well, after months of reasoned articles, careful research and lackluster site traffic, we’ve hit upon the formula. Apparently all you really need to do to get a boatload of people to stop by the blog is to blaspheme against a cherished American icon, the 1911.

I’m not sure why I’m surprised, but this clearly struck a nerve. It’s been cross-posted at, picked up on the Free Republic, and on a couple of other forums.

This has been so successful that we’re considering the titles for future posts. Hopefully these will meet with the same interest and generate Underpants Gnome Level of interest. We’re brainstorming as fast as I can to come up with similarly controversal, hard-hitting content for our new readers. Well, except for GunNutmegger, he’s having too much fun engaging in his self-generated religious war. 😉

Senate Denies Travers as Head of BATF

Get ready for a recess appointment….

Census Redistricting

Second Amendment

The 2010 Census data is out.  The trend seems to be that “red” states are gaining seats and “blue” states are losing seats.  Some have said that rural states are gaining population and urban states are losing population.  Others have said that low-tax states are growing and high-tax states are shrinking.

Some potential impact on Second Amendment issues in the upcoming redistricting.

Republicans will largely control the redistricting process in Michigan next year, and Democratic Reps. Sander Levin and John Dingell could suffer the fallout.

Dingell has been pretty good on Second Amendment issues.  Wait, that’s not quite true.  Dingell’s consistent pro-gun record in the U.S. House of Representatives has earned him an “A+” rating — the NRA-PVF’s highest rating — and the endorsement of the NRA-PVF.

Losing Dingell would be BAD.