Clearing up a little confusion…

In the last few weeks, we’ve received several emails via the contact page for things like doing an FFL transfer, buying a specific firearm or, most recently a personal email to someone not related to this blog.

I thought it was obvious, but maybe not – we’re not a gun store, we’re just a blog. We spend a fair amount of time visiting and writing about gun stores, and we’re happy to point people in the right direction, but we just write about this stuff.

When we write about a visit to a gun store or range, we endeavor to provide all the contact information necessary to get in touch with them directly. You can easily comment about specific posts (goodness knows, the spammers have figured it out. lol).  The “Contact us” page is great, but it just goes to a mailbox – it’s your best bet if you would like to send us a suggestion, ask for a link, send us a private message, or for hate mail (surprsingly, none of THAT yet).

If you’re looking for information about gun stores in a specific part of Connecticut, I would suggest visiting our Map of Connecticut Gun Resources page – we spent a lot of time compiling it, and we try to keep it updated.

This isn’t a complaint – we like to hear from people – I simply want to ensure that people visiting our site actually have a chance to find what they’re looking for.

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