We’ve Finally Found the Formula for Gun-blogging Success!

Well, after months of reasoned articles, careful research and lackluster site traffic, we’ve hit upon the formula. Apparently all you really need to do to get a boatload of people to stop by the blog is to blaspheme against a cherished American icon, the 1911.

I’m not sure why I’m surprised, but this clearly struck a nerve. It’s been cross-posted at truthaboutguns.com, picked up on the Free Republic, and on a couple of other forums.

This has been so successful that we’re considering the titles for future posts. Hopefully these will meet with the same interest and generate Underpants Gnome Level of interest. We’re brainstorming as fast as I can to come up with similarly controversal, hard-hitting content for our new readers. Well, except for GunNutmegger, he’s having too much fun engaging in his self-generated religious war. 😉

Here are some of the topics we’re considering:

  • Open Carry, Second Amendment Activism, or Evolution in Action?
  • The M4 – Poodle Shooter or Haji Slayer? You Decide.
  • IDPA – Does This Shoot Me First Vest Make Me Look Fat?
  • Best Zombie Gun Picks for 2011
  • Dear Yankee Gun Nuts, My Socks aren’t Multicam – Am I Still Tactical?
  • How Many Accessories on my AR-15 Before I Am Considered an Operator?
  • Chicks with Guns – Boobies and Boomsticks
  • .380 Pocket Pistols – Mouse-Guns are for Sissies.

In conclusion, we’re having a great time, and my co-blogger GunNutmegger is really enjoying the controversy.

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8 Responses to “We’ve Finally Found the Formula for Gun-blogging Success!”

  1. ASM826 says:

    I linked back to you, rather than comment. Although I shoot single-stack in USPSA, I don’t carry one, mainly because of the size. My only observation on the topic would be to note that there are a lot of companies selling them and a lot of people buying them. If they were really as bad as you say, I should be able to find them for cheap in the used market, and i don’t see that happening yet.

    If you go with the “boomsticks & boobies” format, I’ll put you on the blogroll and stop by every day. Oleg Volk has a fair amount of traffic using this theme. Here’s one: http://olegvolk.net/gallery/models/erika_hana/M1911_8996.jpg.html

  2. crapgame says:

    I love Oleg’s work, but I had to create a “work safe” rss folder just because of him. When some very graphic pictures start getting past the filters, it was going to get me fired. 😉

    I also have a 1911 – a Para GI Expert – nearly as bare bones as it gets. I love it, it’s great to shoot, hits what I aim at. I’d also never carry it, as I have more appropriate choices for that.

    I really don’t have a dog in this fight, although I’ve been enjoying both the controversy and the subsequent attention to our little corner of the internets. So many fanboys, so little time…

    I really hope some folks stick around longer than the few minutes it takes to call GunNutmegger a heretic, a blasphemer, or (gasp!) a Glock lover. After all he’s been carrying a wheel-gun for nearly as long as I’ve known him, approaching 22 years.

  3. Miguel says:

    Hey hey!!! No messing with IDPA!

    Crap, the vest does make me look fat.

    • crapgame says:

      Technically, the FAT makes you look fat. 😉

      I can get away with that as a guy who could stand to lose about 50 pounds. lol

      Besides, IDPA is so esoteric, it is ripe for some light ridicule.

      • Miguel says:

        Maybe because I live in the intersection of Vodooo Av and Santeria Road (Miami Dade Co. the biggest community of Cubans and Haitians in the US) I don’t see the esoteric…. then again how many IDPA clubs can actually say that a Zombie Course of fire is actually based on real events? Or we don’t have scenarios with rabid dogs but with Chupacabras? 🙂

  4. Miguel says:

    PS: If you wanna create a true firestorm with the M4, just support “The Chart”.


    There are now officially 7 jihads open from different M4 forums after the creator of The Chart. Lots of M4 boys out there hate it.

    • crapgame says:

      Good lord… That just hurts to look at…

      (including it in the pile of traffic-generating sh%t-storms for future blog fodder)