Reactions About The Suckiness or Non-Suckiness of the 1911

Well, I guess every blog has that article that finally brings it some attention….  There’s been an amazing amount of attention to GunNutmegger’s two articles on the subject. I thought I’d throw in my much milder two cents and highlight some of the blog posts written in response to GNM’s blasphemy. 😉

First of all, I love the 1911 – when I was a little kid and saw one in a movie, I immediately wanted one. When I finally got my CCL, I owned a Para GI Expert within a week, totally by accident. I was in the store looking for some ammo, and I casually asked if they’d gotten in any of the then brand-new GI Experts. He had two in the back, and within minutes of fondling it, I was smitten and filling out the paperwork.

(click the title for more)

It shoots wonderfully, it’s a bare-bones model, with just enough modern improvements to make it run well, without turning into a ridiculous race gun. It fits perfectly in my hand, points nicely, everything performs flawlessly, and it makes me look like a much better handgun marksman than I truly am.

That being said, I’ll never carry it for defense, and I don’t even own a holster for it. I have all of one box of defensive ammo for it, and other than to test that out, it’s run nothing but Winchester FMJ ball ammo through it. As comfortable as it is to shoot, I’m concerned with several things about it. The SA trigger is light, in a stressful situation, I’d be worried about a negligent discharge. It’s heavy as hell, and carrying it concealed would be cumbersome for me.

I think it’s a wonderful gun, but it’s not the one I am comfortable carrying – with a lot of training, I could probably overcome my concerns, but I don’t think that’s necessary, since there are modern designs much better suited to MY level of comfort carrying concealed. Carry what you like, I don’t care, as long as you aren’t a danger to yourself and others doing it. (For the record, I don’t own any Glocks either)

I share GunNutmegger’s dislike of rampant gun snobbery and fanboyishness. While I don’t share his impish need to push peoples’ buttons, I don’t disagree with his points.

The reaction around the Web has been mixed –

The guys at the 1911 and subguns forums were particularly incensed, thanks for the traffic folks! As you can see, all opinions are welcome, and GNM loves the controversy. 😉

Robb at Sharp as a Marble linked us and a lively discussion ensued, mainly on his site, but quite a bit spilled over here as well. While he doesn’t appear to have a dog in this fight, his followers have plenty of opinions. 😉

As a followup to the discussion, he’s fielding a question as to how one would redesign a modern defensive weapon. Honestly, I’m not able to answer the question.

This article also brought us to the attention of Robert Farago at – he liked the original 1911 article so much that he asked to cross-post it. We’re now planning to do this regularly, and looking forward to a cordial and interesting connection with Robert and his fellow writers.

GunNutmegger posted a followup post here and at TTAG, backing some of his complaints with figures. Of course, this still doesn’t mean that people agree, but he’s doing his best to put his money where his mouth (or keyboard anyway) is.

Patrick Carrube posted a rebuttal at TTAG. Makes his points well, and with way less vitriol than a good friend of mine I could mention…

Robert Farago took the middle road at TTAG. They’re just like a Harley only WAY cooler.

Joel at The Ultimate Answer to Kings had a lot of great points to make also, liking the gun, but recognizing the shortcomings.

ASM826 at Random Acts of Patriotism dropped us a link and referred a comprehensive counter-point written several years ago.


That didn’t take long. doh. I’m slightly giddy that blogs I’ve been reading for ages are linking to us. It’s goofy, I know, but I still think it’s pretty cool. 😉

Mostly Cajun takes mild offense to GunNutmegger’s thoughts on the 1911, but I think missing one point in the original post. It’s the slavish adoration that’s the problem, not the gun itself.

Update 12/31:

Mark Alger at Baby Trollblog objects to GunNutmegger’s objections about Jeff Cooper.

Update 4/23 by Gunnutmegger:

The fact that I think the 1911 is a less-than-ideal carry gun does not change my opinion that (like many single-action pistols) it is an excellent range/target gun:


ParaOrd GI Expert @ 50', Nutmeg 230gr LRN plated

ParaOrd GI Expert @ 50', Nutmeg 230gr LRN plated

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9 Responses to “Reactions About The Suckiness or Non-Suckiness of the 1911”

  1. Miguel says:

    You are also being discussed in the GunRights Radio Network forum under the ProArms section.,5531.0.html

  2. crapgame says:

    The only annoying thing about it is that they posted the whole article, so there’s no incentive for anybody to come here.

    Oh well, as some celebrity once said, “I don’t care what you say about me, as long as you spell my name right.”

  3. ExurbanKevin says:

    Not a celebrity by any means, but I threw in my two cents in on the 1911 and novice shooters:

  4. ASM826 says:

    “It’s the slavish adoration that’s the problem, not the gun itself.”

    That’s a hard sentiment to find any fault with. Blind adoration is a bad thing, be it for a design of a object or for a person.

    • crapgame says:

      I don’t know why, but I’m still constantly amazed at how dogmatic people are on the subject. You’d think we kicked a puppy or something. 😉

  5. Mike's Spot says:

    Gunnutmeggar stopped by and posted on my site as well linking to his 1911 post. I am not a dogma fan for much of anything, and see nothing wrong with people disliking the 1911 for being a 100 year old design. Granted, manufacturers aren’t really following the classic prints in a lot of regards nowadays- but I see the point.

    • Crapgame says:

      Hey Mike – I liked your article over there – if you haven’t seen it, last June, Xavier did an excellent writeup of what to look for in a used 1911, which I think dovetails nicely to your post.

      • Mike's Spot says:

        Thanks Crapgame-

        I am glad to see he started posting again. he took a good 5 or 6 months off, but in the last few days new content seems to be coming out.

        • Crapgame says:

          I wholeheartedly agree – I’ve always liked his writing, whether talking about those pesky 1911s, photography or his job, they’re always well written, and always interesting. I’m very glad to see him writing again.