Oddball Guns – Semmerling LM4

Semmerling LM4

This little-known .45acp handgun might be viewed as a modern-day version of the Liberator.

Not because it was designed to be supplied to resistance fighters.  No, the Semmerling is unusual in that it was a single-shot handgun that had to be manually cycled after each of the 5 shots in its magazine.  That was the design concession that had to be made to make a .45acp handgun this small (20 oz.) when it was designed in the early 1980s to be a concealed-carry pistol, or a backup gun for people who might be disarmed.

Including the screws, there were only 33 parts on the entire gun.  No safety.  It fires from a locked breach, and kicks pretty hard because of that.  Due to its design limitations, the Semmerling LM4 (and it’s variants) never really became popular.  But, if you are interested in owning a working version, a version of it is being offered by American Derringer.

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Plenty of information on the LM4 here:



American Handgunner – Semmerling LM4: a classic case of too innovative too soon

Another interesting dead-end in firearms history.

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