Liberals = Low Gun IQ

Warning Label

Warning Label

Another article decrying the ignorance of liberals on the gun issue.  Well, among the many other issues they have no clue about.  Which would be almost all of them.

Part of me enjoys pointing out their absurd beliefs and willful stupidity.  I once directed a local reporter to the “pro-gun political party” LemonParty with considerable glee.  (If you don’t know what it is, don’t google it.  What is seen cannot be unseen.)

But part of me worries that we will educate them enough to make their next sweeping gun-control measure more problematic to gun owners than the 1994 ban.  Let’s face it: there were plenty of loopholes in that law.

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One Response to “Liberals = Low Gun IQ”

  1. Kamboja Tan says:

    Realize that there are liberal/Progressives who aren’t guntards/anti-gun. I’m an old-school John T. Flynn decentralist Progressive and I am all for gun ownership, especially by women, untouched and unregulated by the Federal Government; which I see as nothing but a crime ring with a flag. 😉