DEA ruled not responsible for embarrassing Agent who shot himself

Gun Safety

Gun Safety

Who shot himself while being recorded on video, in fact.

Poor Lee Paige.  A former football player for the Tampa Bay Suckaneers, Paige became a DEA agent and then made himself famous when he shot himself in the leg with his own gun, right after declaring to his audience of kids and their parents that his gun was unloaded and that he was “the only person in the room professional enough to carry the Glock .40”  BANG.

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He tried to blame the DEA for publicizing the video on the internet, thus rendering himself unable to work undercover.

How about working unarmed?  Would that be OK with you, Lee?


Lee Paige

Lee Paige



This is just nuts:

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One Response to “DEA ruled not responsible for embarrassing Agent who shot himself”

  1. Simple One says:

    It was the gun’s fault . . .