Scientific American: “Socialism will stop gun deaths”

Anti-Gun Media

Anti-Gun Media

No, really, that is exactly what a writer for the “science” rag said:

A modest proposal for curbing homicides: Socialism

It goes downhill from there:

Yes, the U.S. homicide rate is much higher than in England, Japan and other nations that severely restrict civilian ownership of firearms.

(continued below)

The author commits the dual mistakes of equating the crime-reporting methods of England with those of the United States (in fact, the British statistics are deliberately skewed to make the crime rate appear lower), and of assuming that homicides are the only violent crime that guns are used to commit (even if you set aside robberies and rapes, most handgun wounds are not fatal, thus they aren’t “homicides”).  Then again, accepting both of those erroneous premises serves to bolster the author’s pet theory.  So maybe it isn’t an oversight.

In their 1988 book Homicide, often upheld as the gold standard in applying Darwinian theory to social problems, Daly and Wilson pointed out that males have always committed the vast majority of homicides. The reason, the psychologists contended, is that our male ancestors fought fiercely for “control over the reproductive capacities of women,” which resulted in an innate male tendency toward violent aggression.

Clearly the author never had a frying pan hurled at him by a menopausal woman.  Or got his ass run over by a jilted lover.

He also relies heavily on wikipedia, which as a resource that can be edited by users in pursuit of an agenda, is not exactly a valid source.

How does socialism rear its ugly head in this miasma of crappy logic and concocted stats?

The best predictor of high homicide rates in a region, they asserted, is income inequality. As a measure of such inequality, Daly and Wilson employed the so-called Gini index…Daly and Wilson found a strong correlation between high Gini scores and high homicide rates in Canadian provinces and U.S. counties. High Gini scores predicted homicides better than low average income, high unemployment and simpler measures. Basically, Daly and Wilson were blaming homicides not on poverty per se but on the collision of poverty and affluence, the ancient tug-of-war between haves and have-nots.? The income-inequality hypothesis, Daly and Wilson asserted, can account for the “radically different national homicide rates” of the U.S. and Canada, the latter of which has more generous social-welfare programs (including universal health care) and hence fewer economic disparities.

Ah.  The old “if I feed the alligator he won’t eat me” strategy.  But wait, it gets better:

…an attractive solution to high homicide rates: a more equitable economic system, perhaps with higher taxes for the wealthy and more generous welfare programs for the poor. In short, socialism. I hope that opponents of gun control will consider this modest, alternative proposal for reducing lethal shootings.

Changing the system of government is “modest”?  Running the economy into the ground to buy alligator food is “modest”?  Paying people to not work (which encourages them to never work, and encourages others to avoid work too) is “modest”?

These silly liberal utopian dreamers never learn.  Except the ones who get mugged.  Some of them learn.

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2 Responses to “Scientific American: “Socialism will stop gun deaths””

  1. Gus says:

    They are trying to Win The Future.

  2. Gunnutmegger says:

    Maybe. But they are definitely making me want to lose my lunch.