Open Carry Catfight

Open Carry

Open Carry - Which I approve of!

Announcement: I support open carry.

Most of us gun people are aware of the Michigan man who took a shotgun into the kids/teens section of the public library.  And the idiot who took an AR15 into a Ponderosa.

Some have said that the shotgun kid had no choice but to have a shotgun, since he could not (since he was under 21 when the shotgun incident occurred) carry a handgun.  Yet here he is with a pistol on his belt standing outside that same library.  There goes the “he HAD to carry a shotgun since he couldn’t carry a pistol” argument, since he is STILL not yet 21.


Douchebag Alert

Senator Douchebag

Senator Douchebag

He’s at it again, folks.

The camera-chasing gun-hating Senator upChuck Schumer wants to impose background-check requirements for private firearm sales.

Money quote below the fold:

Made in Connecticut: Nutmeg Sporting Cartridge ammo

Nutmeg Sporting Cartridge

Nutmeg Sporting Cartridge

Connecticut has a long tradition of firearms manufacturing, starting with Eli Whitney’s gun factory in New Haven which was the birthplace of mass-produced firearms in America.  The most recent addition to the industry is at the opposite side of the state, in Winsted.

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Bill Introduced to Allow Importation of Korean M1s

NRA-ILA is reporting that Senator Jon Tester(D-Mont) and Representative Cynthia Lewis(R-Wyo) have introduced bills into the House and Senate to allow the importation of the Korean M1s. These rifles were originally approved for importation in 2009, but in the interim, approval was withdrawn.

This is great news for people affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Let’s hope that the bills get through (although I’ll be shocked if the President actually signs it).

Nice Site for Rolling Your Own Targets

I can’t remember where I found this, but it’s a nice site for putting together your own targets to print. Lots of options, from paper size, number of targets, target styles to colors.