Hide Your Guns

Way to go!

Way to go!

From Hotair.com:

Obama: We’re working on gun control “under the radar”

I know, such a shocker!  Ironic, too, for a guy who caused such a tremendous surge of panic-buying of guns.

This seems to be in line with a previous revelation.  Those of us who have ordered ammunition via mail-order know that it comes in a box with an ORM-D (“Other Regulated Materials – Class D”) sticker on it, to identify it as hazardous.

Well, that designation is being phased out in favor of a U.N.-standard designation for hazardous shipments.  Is it too much of a stretch to see how that change will allow the United Nations to exert some influence to curtail the free trade of ammunition in America?  And exactly how much influence will American citizens have over proposed changes to this new shipping classification?

Given the history of incompetence, corruption and leftist ignorance at the U.N., how comfortable are you with letting 3rd-world dictators and apparatchiks meddle in our domestic affairs?

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7 Responses to “Hide Your Guns”

  1. Bobby Hunter says:

    Why the **** do you use light gray text on a white background? What? You don’t want anyone to read your blog? Or maybe you think reading isn’t worthwhile unless it requires great effort and causes a splitting headache at the same time?

  2. Gunnutmegger says:

    Great minds think alike.

    Crapgame handles the backend stuff for this blog; I will annoy him about it, er, I mean, discuss it with him.

  3. Bobby Hunter says:

    Hi guy,

    sorry about the attitude, I was cranky last night. What I should have said is that too much or too little contrast causes eye strain. Darkening your text a tad will make it much more readable and reduce eye strain.

    • Crapgame says:

      Not a problem — happens with everyone. I took your complaint to heart and made a modification to the default font color — is this better?

  4. another"WishICouldReadIt"er says:

    Idunno jack about minds, great or otherwise (I’ve been accused of losing mine on more than one occasion) but I do know one thing for sure: The recent trend of low-to-no-contrast web-pages is an obscenity. Break away from the trend – make your page READABLE, and to hell with the “eye-candy”. Black or dark grey text on a white or very light background, no stupid background gradients, and a typeface large enough to be seen without needing a microscope make for a *MUCH* nicer page to read (And one that I, at, am much more likely to bookmark/stumble/thumb-up/whichever term/toy you prefer) even if it doesn’t “look trendy”.

    Wanna get my attention/”like”/etc? It’s simple: Give me content that’s worth reading, and deliver it in a form that CAN be read!

    Wanna drive me away? The way this article showed up in my browser before I kicked in 6 levels of “magnify” and cranked up a browser add-on to force it to display in civilized colors is a near-perfect example of how to do it.

    (Side note: I just noticed that you’re another “Designed by Elegant Themes” blogger – Oddly enough, I’ve had this same gripe for at least a dozen pages sporting that tag recently… Maybe you should put a bug in their ear about this?)

    • Crapgame says:

      To be honest, other than listening to Gunnutmegger whinge about it, these are the only two complaints I’ve seen about the font color. Your points are well taken, and I’ve fixed it. It wasn’t anything other than accepting the defaults, and I’m definitely interested in making the site readable. I’m glad you cared enough to mention it, rather than just rejecting the site completely and moving on. God knows, I’ve done that on enough sites.