A Fine Sunday at the Range

We had a nice morning, converting money into noise. Gunnutmegger and I met Gus and Ron out at Hamden Fish and Game for a relaxing morning. I took out my PPS, P1, and a couple of different .22LR pistols that haven’t seen the range in a while.

Happiness is a lot of warm guns

I didn’t plan on taking photos today, so apologies for the somewhat iffy cellphone pictures.

Last year, I was somewhat unhappy with both my .22LR pistols — a Smith & Wesson Model 22A, and a Beretta Neos. I’ve been working on improving my grip this year, and it’s done wonders for how I do with either of these pistols — the ergonomics finally work properly for me. Nobody will ever accuse me of being a crack shot, but I could get predictable groups, and the pistols didn’t feel all wobbly in my hands.


My carry gun, a Walther PPS, performed as well as usual. It’s one of my favorite guns to shoot – comfortable, with a nice trigger pull, easy to shoot, easy to conceal. One of the best choices I’ve made — very happy with this little gun.

The Walther P1 is a fun shooter — I always wanted a P38, as one of the iconic sidearms of World War 2. This was a good compromise, ┬ábeing a direct descendant, with the only effective difference being that material that the frame is made from. My P1 was manufactured sometime in the 80s.

All in all, a fine morning with my friends, doing something we enjoy.


The Elusive Gunnutmegger

Old Friend

Another friend, new shooter

Note the lack of target closeups.












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