Window-shopping for My Next Gun — The Walther PPQ

A couple of weekends ago, Gunnutmegger and I were out in the Newington, Connecticut area, checking in at Hoffmans to see what was available and to pick up some supplies. It was a worthwhile visit, mainly because I was able to take a look at Walther’s new offering, the PPQ. 

I’ve been looking for a full-size pistol in 9mm Luger, and being a big fan of the company, I was eager to get my hands on it. Happily, they had one in the case for me to look at. My first impressions were very favorable, and it’s moved to the top of my “I really want this” list.


AK goes KaBoom

AK goes Kaboom

AK goes Kaboom

From Liveleak:

AK goes Kaboom

There’s no such thing as a perfect gun design.  Kabooms happen, and not just to .40 Glocks.

Kabooms even happen to 1911’s (which often have an unsupported chamber, something that 1911 fans throw mud at Glock about):

Excess Frugality leads to… A Range Mishap (1911 KaBoom)

1911 kaboom pics
“Most .45 acp’s don’t have supported chambers, especially 1911’s, and if you look at the 2nd pic, the case head nearly completely separated, …”

1911 Kaboom! – Snowflakes in Hell

My 1911 goes Kaboom

1911 Kaboom

Images for 1911 kaboom

Flash Mobs – How to react?

Ready For Action

Ready For Action

Flash mobs have made the news recently:

Flash Mobs Spread Panic…Among the News Media

How to Fight A Flash Mob. Or Not.

Chicago’s Violent Flash Mobs

Teenage Flash Mob Robberies On The Rise

‘Flash Mob’ Attacks Used By Gun Rights Activists To Build Concealed Carry Support

Ghetto Rat Robbery Flash Mobs Robbing Trendy Stores in Chicago

‘Flash mob’ on Venice boardwalk ends in shooting

Flash Mob Robberies on the Rise

Cops Fear Violence Against Flash Mobs (!)

“Flash mob” fall-out: A multiple-perspective account of the North Philly roving mob attack

Lots of 1st person perspective on Philly mob attack

Ruger Auctions – Something to Watch

While doing research on the Ruger website, I found an interesting feature:

Ruger Auctions

Ruger Auctions

Ruger has been auctioning off its factory collection:


YankeeGunNuts turns 1 today…and gets a crappy birthday present



How crappy?

This crappy:

Such is life.  Like most gun fans, we had no illusions about the attitude that the Teleprompter-Jockey-in-Chief or his faithful lapdog, Eric cockHolder, would take towards guns.

Hopefully the Gunrunner/Gunwalker/Fast&Furious scandals will torpedo these new proposals.  Or annoy enough gun people to make a difference at the polls.

In any case, we will continue to pass along relevant information that we find.  We freely admit that there are other sites  where current news is more prevalent.  But hey, we were never trying to be the Instapundit of the gun blogging universe.  There’s saysuncle for that.  And we all love him for it!

No, we at YGN just try to explore different facets of the wide world of guns and share what we learn with our readers.

It has been a heck of a year.  This blog began quietly.  Despite baseless rumors of link-trolling, we made our big splash the gun blogging universe  by merely stating a position I have held for years.  A position which I will continue to reiterate as long as innocent consumers get tricked into buying obsolete, unsafe guns that need to be gunsmithed to make them reliable.

And a lot has happened in a year.  Some major legal victories at the state and federal level.  A whole bushel of new gun designs came onto the market (such as the Chiappa Rhino and the Kel-Tec’s KSG shotgun).  And one of the last states to not allow concealed carry (Wisconsin, where it sucks to be a liberal right now) just passed a law legalizing it (and as Shall-Issue!).

Now it’s just lonely Illinois left to treat its citizens like incompetent sheep.  And can any of us honestly say that we expected better from a state run by the Daley Machine and the soulless lying taxocrats it creates?  A state that has the Cubs befouling its air?  A state that is so ignorant and backward, they think that dumping a lasagna into a crust lets them call it a “pizza”?