More New Rugers – Summer 2011

Well, they certainly aren’t stagnating at Ruger headquarters.  All kinds of interesting things percolating.  Here are 2 more new guns, including one that’s so new it doesn’t even have a press release yet.

Ruger introduced their first striker-fired pistol, the SR9, in October 2007.  They released a compact version, the SR9c, in January 2010.  Caleb from Gun Nuts Media really likes the SR9c.  Now Ruger has announced the compact SR40c, as a companion to the full-size SR40:  (more)

Another New Ruger
Another New Ruger

This was an expected development, but that doesn’t make it unwelcome.  It comes with a short 9-round magazine and a full-size 15-round magazine with a sleeve that makes it feel like the longer grip of the full size SR40.  If it is as good as the SR9c (and can have the magazine-disconnect safety removed, like the SR9c) I think it will be a viable concealed-carry pistol.

The second new Ruger is featured in the August 2011 issue of Guns & Ammo: the double-action SP101 revolver in .22LR, now as an 8-shot revolver.  Ruger used to offer a 6-shot .22 version of the SP101, but they discontinued it years ago.  Since then, according to Ruger, a .22 version of the SP101 is their most-requested product.

This new version has adjustable fiber-optic sights, like those on their new Single-Ten.  The 4.3″ barrel has a half-length underlug, and apparently the barrel length was chosen to allow the gun to be sold as-is in Canada (which apparently requires a 105mm barrel length as a legal minimum).  The reviewer, Wayne Van Zwoll, shot a 1.5″ group at 25yds, which is respectable.

Guns & Ammo’s website doesn’t list the content of their new issue, but you should read the whole thing in the dead-tree edition.

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