Flash Mobs – How to react?

Ready For Action

Ready For Action

Flash mobs have made the news recently:

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Flash Mob Robberies on the Rise

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Lots of 1st person perspective on Philly mob attack

Massive violent riots and incidents of civil unrest fade from memory.  Every generation tends to remember the riots that took place when they were adults, and have vague or nonexistent knowledge of previous riots.  The issue of race can cloud the issues and prevent serious analysis and discussion from taking place.  Watts 1965, Newark 1967, Los Angeles 1992, Crown Heights 1991.

Situational awareness is important; if you see a mob coming, run!  But sometimes you can’t run.

And sometimes, the line between a raucous party and a riot gets blurred.  In 1995, I had to travel to a city that had been chosen as a destination for a spring-break style party for afro-american college students called “Freaknik“.  And there were incidents.  It didn’t quite rise to the level of a riot, but it was ugly, especially for women who lived in town or were in Atlanta on business.  Since I was not a Georgia resident, I had no guns on me.  So I did my best to stay indoors and travel in groups.  And a bought a Swiss Army knife, more out of a desire to do something to better my situation than as a serious remedy.

That is perhaps the best reason to pursue carry-permit reciprocity.  There are some problematic states (Illinois, NY, NJ, MA, California, etc.), but at least you increase your chances of being able to protect yourself.

But how exactly does a person deal with a flash mob?  Is a gun enough?  Is your normal amount of spare ammo enough?  Is a knife a useful backup, or a viable intermediate-level escalation of force?

In those situations, open-carry, especially of a long gun, makes some sense to me.  Deterrence counts.


And here is how a riot can begin.

More: Aftermath of Bayview gun battle in San Francisco


Gangs of “minorities” attack white people at Wisconsin state fair.


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2 Responses to “Flash Mobs – How to react?”

  1. ExurbanKevin says:

    And we heard him exclaim
    As he started to roam:
    “I’m a hologram, kids,
    please don’t try this at home!’”