AK goes KaBoom

AK goes Kaboom

AK goes Kaboom

From Liveleak:

AK goes Kaboom

There’s no such thing as a perfect gun design.  Kabooms happen, and not just to .40 Glocks.

Kabooms even happen to 1911’s (which often have an unsupported chamber, something that 1911 fans throw mud at Glock about):

Excess Frugality leads to… A Range Mishap (1911 KaBoom)

1911 kaboom pics
“Most .45 acp’s don’t have supported chambers, especially 1911’s, and if you look at the 2nd pic, the case head nearly completely separated, …”

1911 Kaboom! – Snowflakes in Hell

My 1911 goes Kaboom

1911 Kaboom

Images for 1911 kaboom

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