Window-shopping for My Next Gun — The Walther PPQ

A couple of weekends ago, Gunnutmegger and I were out in the Newington, Connecticut area, checking in at Hoffmans to see what was available and to pick up some supplies. It was a worthwhile visit, mainly because I was able to take a look at Walther’s new offering, the PPQ. 

I’ve been looking for a full-size pistol in 9mm Luger, and being a big fan of the company, I was eager to get my hands on it. Happily, they had one in the case for me to look at. My first impressions were very favorable, and it’s moved to the top of my “I really want this” list.


The ergonomics are very similar to it’s cousin, the P99, and it has a couple of features in common with the PPS: An ambidextrous magazine release located on the bottom of the trigger guard, and three different sized backstraps to adjust the grip size depending upon the operator’s choice. The biggest selling point for though, is the trigger. Walther has introduced what they call the “Quick Defense Trigger” — I was able to dry-fire the pistol, and I’m sold. It was light, crisp, and felt perfect. Unfortunately, they didn’t have on for rental, so I was unable to truly try it out.

I found a very helpful YouTube review from Sportsmans News, and an article about their field test:

GunsAmerica did a quick video at this year’s SHOT show with a representative from Walther — it’s a very nice overview of the features

Here’s the press release from Smith & Wesson:

Designed to be a popular choice for both law enforcement and personal protection uses, the PPQ pistol is backed by Walther’s 125 years of dedication and technical expertise. The new line of polymer-frame pistols is available in both 9mm and .49 S&W and each model has been enhanced with a smooth action and a short trigger reset made possible by the Walther Quick Defense Trigger. With its short travel, light tirgger pull and quick audible reset, the new trigger design not only helps improve accuracy but also allows for a well-placed follow-up shot should the need arise. Additional features designed to improve handling of the firearm include fron and rear slide serrations, an extended, ambidextrous sliste stop as well as an ambidextrous magazine release located on the trigger guard.

The Walther PPQ can accommodate users of different stature with its small, medium and large backstrap, while the pistol’s cross-directional textured Tactical Grip enables a positive feel in any environment. On top of the 4-inch barrel, the PPQ is standard with a three-dot sight configuration with an adjustable rear sight for accurate sight placement. Additional features include a picatinny style equipment rail, loaded chamber indicator and black finish. The 9mm version is standard with a 15=round capacity while the .40 S&W pistol hold 12 rounds. When extra capacity is required, an optional 17-round 9mm and a 14-round .40 S&W magazine is available. Manufactured to be easily and quickly reassembled and disassembled without the need of tools, the Walther PPQ is shipped complete with two magazines and a thumb loader.

There are a couple of hesitations however. First, compared to similar offerings by other manufacturers, the pistol for sale at Hoffmans was a little pricey. Mind you, I haven’t done any price comparisons at other stores, and Walther is listing it with an MSRP of $592.99. I’m sure that once I’m ready to buy, I can probably do better on price.

The biggest problem is that they ruined it by using the phrase “Tactical Grip.” I think I can get over it, as long as I just forget I read that.

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