1911 – It Still Sucks, Even the Expensive Ones

Les Baer - Lemons for Sale!

Les Baer - Lemons for Sale!

Wow.  What is it with Les Baer 1911s?

First, in our post about the relative quality of  1911s, Glocks and Tauruses (Tauri?), we recounted the story of a Les Baer 1911 Premier II ($1800+ MSRP) that left their factory despite requiring 2 grown men to draw the slide back.  Gun Tests magazine explored that incident in detail.

Now, from the reduntantly-named WilyIrishman at DayAtTheRange, we have the story of another Les Baer Premier II, this one falling to pieces in less than 16,000 rounds.  “So to review, that’s two broken slide stops, a link pin, a safety, a sear spring and a bushing in less than 16,000 rounds, which is an average of 1 broken part ever 2500 rounds or so.

The .45acp is a low-pressure round (21,000 psi vs. 35,000 psi for 9mm according to SAAMI).  With modern steels, there is no excuse for a gun in the price range of the Premier II breaking (let alone multiple times) while firing a low-pressure round like the .45acp.

So, is it the brand?  The model?  Or is the design just that trouble-prone?

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