Defensive Gun Use in New Haven

Got Sig?

Got Sig?

Last Saturday, Brandon Kruse, a fairly recent transplant to Connecticut walked from his apartment to a local sushi restaurant when he was attacked by a group of three young men. In what I suspect is a fairly common occurrence with defensive gun use, he drew his pistol  and scared off his attackers. They later returned to the scene while he was waiting for the police, and he was able to hold two out of three of the suspects at gunpoint until the cops arrived. Even happier, the third suspect was captured a short time later, and he positively identified his attacker. Three bad guys off the streets, and not a shot fired. I think this is a happy outcome.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how balanced the article was — not something I expect in a Connecticut news article. The comments were also mostly leaning in a positive direction. There were some of the typical baffling comments however. People worried that they would just steal his gun. People worried that he might have shot those poor innocent choirboys, people who think that he shouldn’t leave his house at night because it might be dangerous… I still don’t get it, no matter how often it comes up.

The interesting thing I took away from the article is that Mr. Kruse said that he doesn’t regularly carry his firearm but “just had a weird feeling” that night. It’s a good thing he did. It brings to mind what another gunblogger frequently reminds us — Again, Carry Your Damn Gun.


The neutral tone of the article is all the more surprising given the author’s history of rabid anti-gun asshattery.

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One Response to “Defensive Gun Use in New Haven”

  1. Firearms says:

    A happy story with a happy ending — with no evil DA trying to make political hay out of it.