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Charter Arms Pitbull

Charter Arms Pitbull

Day At The Range has a hands-on review of the Charter Arms Pitbull rimless revolver in .40S&W.

The tactic of using the magazine from a .40S&W pistol to load the Pitbull was interesting, like the suggestion I heard about a while back to use a Desert Eagle magazine to load a .357 or .44 revolver.

I like the idea of a revolver chambered in .40S&W, and a 9mm version would be popular, too.  The 9mm is the cheapest centerfire round to practice with if you don’t reload.


While there are revolvers chambered for rimless cartridges (usually the .45acp, but Taurus and Ruger have both offered 9mm revolvers) they require the use of moon clips, which have some drawbacks (awkward to carry, useless if bent, etc.)  The Pitbull design might be the solution.

The Pitbull isn’t the first rimless revolver that doesn’t need moon clips.  Smith & Wesson made the Model 547 in 9mm to fulfill a contract, but hasn’t made any since then.

Time will tell how reliable the Charter Arms Pitbull system is.  If it proves robust, I hope it succeeds in the marketplace.  It fills a useful niche, and will be especially appreciated by people who try to streamline the types of ammo that they have to keep on hand.

The only drawback I can see is one that is shared by the other models in Charter Arms’ lineup: bulky grips.  While good for target or open-carry use, the standard grips are a bit too big to easily conceal, and the fact that they are rubbery makes them harder to conceal.  There aren’t many aftermarket grips available for the Charter models.

Other perspectives on the Pitbull here:




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