Sign of the Times?

Joel 3: 9-14

Joel 3: 9-14

From Walter Russell Mead’s blog, The American Interest, via Instapundit:

Guns Better Investment Than Gold?

Arms dealers in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley are making out like, well, bandits as unrest in Syria sends black market gun prices through the roof says this story in Lebanon’s Daily Star

But what this news really means, of course, is that more and more people in Syria and Lebanon are preparing for all out civil war…

This is the pattern I saw at work in Yugoslavia and the Caucasus twenty years ago as ethnic groups geared up to butcher their neighbors and drive them from their homes…

I made a note to myself at that time: when poets buy guns, tourist season is over…

Read the whole thing (it’s short).

Consider the state of racial and ethnic and socioeconomic relations in the United States.

Then decide if you see any parallels.

Sign of the times; it’s not just a great Bryan Ferry song.

I hope you took advantage of Buy Ammo Day.  And I hope you’re keeping it dry.


Hatfields & McCoys

The age-old question...

The age-old question...

When it comes to selecting ammunition for your defensive handgun, there is no shortage of advice available.

A nearly universal suggestion is to never use handloads as your carry ammo, and I agree with that piece of advice.  Top quality brand name manufacturers have better quality control than most handloaders will ever achieve.  But the other reason to avoid handloads is to prevent a prosecutor or civil attorney from claiming that you invented some special deadly explosive copkilling murder bullets in your garage with the express intent of taking a life with them.  It’s a bullshit claim, but you want to deny any additional possibility of negative publicity to the people who might want to sue or incarcerate you.


Kalashnikov’s Dilemma

Lowest Common Denominator

Lowest Common Denominator

Noted historian (and crime victim) Victor Davis Hanson has an article about the history and impact of the AK-47.

Well worth a read.

The World’s Most Popular Gun

Interesting Ruger Auction

Double Your Fun

Double Your Fun

Ruger’s latest auction is intriguing.

The last of six matched pairs of Service-Six Military Model double-action revolvers.  The Service-Six is the fixed-sight version of the Security-Six.

More details from Ruger’s auction:

“Sturm, Ruger produced these .38 Special revolvers for the U.S. Army Armament Material Development and Readiness Command, and are marked “U.S.” at the right front of the frame. They are made of chrome-molybdenum steel with a blue finish, 4″ barrel, fixed sights, and square butt. Another feature of these revolvers is the absence of the manual warning normally found on the left side of the barrel.

The serial numbers on these revolvers are 153-55993 and 153-55994, and the test fire date for both is April, 1978. The revolvers have never been fired beyond normal testing during manufacture and were packaged in a special preservative foil wrap for over thirty years. This set was removed from the packaging so you can see what you are bidding on. Original Technical Manuals for the Service-Six Military Model revolvers are included with this auction.”

It’s an interesting variant of a solid gun.


Blog, Interrupted



Sorry for the brief hiatus.  We had a major problem with the power grid here in CT, and blogging was affected.

Normal posting should resume.  Well, as normal as it ever was.