Subtract One Asshole

Subtract One Asshole

Che Guevara was an asshole.  A murdering, cowardly asshole.  Even the left-leaning Slate thinks so.

Who but an asshole believes in socialism enough to murder women & children in its name?

Who but a coward would gleefully execute bound prisoners of the Cuban regime, but beg for his life (“I’m worth more alive than dead!” were his alleged last words) when he was hunted down and executed by American-led Bolivian rangers while trying to export revolution to that country.

Lower down the sphincter scale are the ignoramuses and dupes who wear Che-themed clothing in the belief that it makes them look cool.  It doesn’t.  It does assist the rest of us in identifying morons, however.      (more)

But higher on the scale, above those garden-variety of history-deficient dolts, are people who make money off of Che.  People who have less excuse for being ignorant of Che’s record of dubious accomplishments.

Like these assholes: The Lambi Fund of Haiti and Tierra Divina Vineyards.  How are a charity and a vineyard a bunch of assholes, you ask?  They make this:

That’s right, Che Guevara wine.  Hell, why not a John Wayne Gacy commemorative clown suit?  Or Jeff Dahmer kitchen cutlery, with a free knife-block if you order in the next 30 minutes?

Who would make such a thing?  According to the charity’s website: “Patrick Campbell of Laurel Glen Vineyards took an exploratory trip to Chile in 1995 and liked what he saw.  Making limited production (and hence, relatively expensive) wine had its charms; but Campbell, whose lifetime fascination with Che Guevara reveals a stubborn egalitarian streak, yearned to produce a more populist wine.”  That’s not all that your lifetime fascination reveals, pal.

But wait, there’s another sphincter in need of a wipe: “Patrick was intrigued. Why not draw on his Terra Rosa contacts to develop a wine that not only tastes good but does good?  Patrick ran the idea past his old friend and business partner Tim Chegwidden, an economist with broad experience in the international wine trade.  Tim was as excited as Patrick.”  Apparently they don’t require any history courses at the International Wine Trade community college.  And I have no doubt that these two vultures were excited when they had themselves a lemonparty to congratulate themselves on thinking up this scheme.

In describing this distillation of Rosie O’Donnell’s douche runoff, the vineyard says: “This bold Chilean cabernet mirrors the fuerza of the man for whom it is named: Ernesto “Che” Gurvara, bon vivant and tireless social activist.”  Fuerza means “strength”, which is something that I have a hard time associating with a cowardly asshole who executes bound prisoners.

Crapgame and our shooting buddy BigBoer decided that it would be funny to buy me a bottle of this crap, knowing full well what would happen:


If you had ever wondered what a Bushmaster Dissipator firing Lake City XM193 ammo would do to a bottle of wine, there’s your answer.

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One Response to “Catharsis”

  1. Tumbledown says:

    Nice, now I know the best pairing for that Argentinian Burgundy I refuse to drink ,
    My SLR and 3 rounds of Radway Green!