Victim Selection Failure

Street Crime

Street Crime

It is almost impossible to get a gun to legally defend yourself in Chicago.

That fact is a problem for most law-abiding citizens, who are at the mercy of criminals who don’t obey the law (and are not adequately punished when caught).

Unless you are this guy:


Robbing Ultimate Fighting Expert Proves To Be Bad Decision

Click through and check out the would-be mugger’s mugshot.  He looks worse than Jason Miller did after that knuckledragging Manc Mike Bisping beat him stupid.

This idiot robbed someone in a parked car at gunpoint, and after the guy complied & gave up some cash, he ordered the victim out of his car.  Whereupon the mugger became distracted and the victim wrestled him for control of the gun.  This resulted in the mugger shooting himself in the ankle.  The “victim” then beat the crap out of the mugger and pinned him until police arrived.

Some observations:

1) Like most criminals, this mugger had no formal training in mugging (particularly the victim-selection process) or using a weapon.  This worked in the victim’s favor.  The perp could have left the victim alone, in his own car, after the victim gave up the money.  But no, he had to push his luck, maybe because he was going to steal the car too.    There’s no way for an unarmed man to fight back from inside a car (and even an armed man has severe limitations on how well he can defend himself from inside a vehicle).  The victim complied with what his armed assailant asked, until asked to exit his vehicle.  That was when the situation changed from a simple mugging to something potentially worse.  Maybe the mugger didn’t want to get the car bloody when he shot his victim.   Lesson: while every situation is different, fighting back while unable to effectively do so can work sometimes against you and anger your attacker.  Wait for the right moment, even if you have to create that moment.

2) Wrestling someone for a gun is a dangerous proposition.  In this case, luck worked in the victim’s favor and only the assailant got shot.  But if these two guys were wrestling for control of the gun, they were right next to each other, and it might well have been the victim that got shot.  Lesson: weapon-retention is a valuable skill, well worth learning But it there are still risks, even if you are successful.

3)  If this guy didn’t just happen to be a skilled unarmed combatant, this incident might have been a murder.  Lesson: Chicago sucks.  The crooked machine politicians & the idiots who vote them into power, the Cubs, the White Sox, the Bears, O’Hare airport, that lasagna-in-a-crust sacrilege they try to call a pizza, everything about Chicago sucks.

If you want to get training on weapon-retention, there are classes at reputable schools to choose from.

SigSauerAcademy offers the 1-day course: “Reality Based Hand to Hand Combat Survival -Introduction“, which covers a lot of topics including weapon retention.  There is also a 2-day advanced class.

Smith&Wesson Academy doesn’t list any civilian courses that address weapon retention at this time.

I don’t see the topic of weapon retention mentioned on Thunder Ranch‘s website.  Nor do I see it mentioned on Gunsite‘s website.

I am not sure what other schools are legit and which are run by mall-ninjas.

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