Got whitetails?

Got whitetails?

Interesting item up for auction at the Ruger website.

An original .44mag Deerstalker carbine, one of the 2000 or so units manufactured before Ithaca claimed that the name “Deerstalker” was too similar to their “Deerslayer” shotgun.  They were simply marked “Ruger Carbine” after that.

With a 4-round tubular magazine, they are nice guns for deer hunting in dense brush, which was why Ruger made 250,000 of them between 1961 and 1984.

And they are also pretty effective on Hell’s Angels.    (more)

36 years ago, there was a biker bar in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown, CT.  The owner of the bar (Don Krosky) was close with a rival organization of the Hell’s Angels biker gang.  While involved in a long-running dispute with the landlord of the building, Krosky received a telephone threat to vacate the premises or else.

He did not heed the warning.  He was hunkered down inside the bar when 3 Hell’s Angels affiliates showed up (their status of being there on “official” Hell’s Angels business is in dispute).  Exactly what happened next is unknown.  But the police arrived to find all 3 men shot with Krosky’s .44 Ruger Carbine; 2 were dead and the third was in critical condition.

Krosky was judged to have acted in self defense, and escaped jail time.  Two bikers shot Krosky to death at a stoplight a year later.

After the shooting, his heirs sold the gun.  I used to (peripherally) know a guy who owned it.  There weren’t any notches carved into it.

From 2000 until 2006 Ruger made a new rotary-clip-fed version of this gun called the Deerfield Carbine.

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2 Responses to “Notorious”

  1. Skinnedknuckles says:

    Now, if they would just resurrect this beautiful rifel but in .357 Magnum, using the same rotary magazine and stock as the R77/357, I’d be buying them both! To have a semi-auto and a bolt action carbine, both in .357 with interchangeable magazines, would be a wonderful thing. I’d rather they both had wooden stocks (less tactical looking) but the synthetic would be OK as well. How do we get Ruger’s attention?

  2. Gunnutmegger says:

    Ruger has been pretty responsive to market trends and consumer requests since Bill Ruger Sr. passed away.

    The fact that they released the .357 bolt action to go along with the .44 bolt action shows that they have an eye on that segment of the market.

    Writing them a letter wouldn’t hurt.