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Elite Training

Did ya hear the good news?

The Norway Police authorities have finished their thorough investigation of the police response to the Norway Massacre.

Hold onto your hats, folks, because this is a shocker.

According to them (as stated in this FoxNews story), they didn’t make any mistakes.  Hell, they outright said there was absolutely nothing about their response they could improve upon:


We have studied the situation where there was a need for the fastest possible action,” Soenderland told reporters. “We haven’t been able to point to any points of improvement there.

Well, that’s a perfectly defensible conclusion, right?

It took 90 minutes for police to reach the island. Officers struggled after a boat broke down because it was overloaded and all police helicopter pilots were on vacation at the same time.


…Soenderland said beside the boat breakdown there were few reasons to criticize the operation.

That the boat was overloaded is a fact,” he said, but he declined to comment on how the police could have acted more efficiently or faster. “Our task is not to evaluate a hypothesis,” he said.

Yeah.  I thought your task was to protect the citizens of Norway.

But, hey, it’s nice to know that everything worked out great, right?  Now we can all get rid of our guns because the police are perfectly capable of protecting us.


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