Yet Another New Ruger

New Ruger!

New Ruger!

Wow, the guys at Ruger are really burning the midnight oil.

Now they have an 8-shot .22LR version of the LCR polymer-framed revolver.

They released an 8-shot .22 SP101 with a 4″ barrel and a 10-shot version of the Single-Six (with a 5.5″ barrel) a few months back.

Now they have adapted the LCR with a 1.875″ barrel to .22LR, with the same heavily-relieved cylinder design.

(more)It’s double-action-only, but if you haven’t tried the trigger system in the LCR you owe it to yourself to see what you are missing.  Some people can’t get used to the long DA pull of a S&W Centennial.  Those people need to try an LCR.

S&W makes the aluminum Model 317 with 2″ & 3″ barrels, and a 3″ Model 63 in stainless steel, but no steel 2″ guns.  The 317 hasn’t been around long enough to see how it stands up to heavy use.  They also make a 6″ K-frame Model 17 and the Model 617 with 4″ & 6″ barrels.

In my opinion, the LCR makes a great kit gun in .22LR.  That’s aside from its use as a training aid for its big brother.  It’s perfect for that.

Ruger’s new guns of late have been evolutionary, rather than revolutionary.  But they all represent interesting options for the firearm buyer to consider.

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