Ruger .22 Plinker

Ruger SR22

Ruger SR22

Ruger announced the SR22 handgun.

It’s a .22 plinker that seems to be targeted at the purchasers of the Sig Mosquito, Smith&Wesson M&P22 and Walther P22.

The specs seem pretty standard for the category.  EXCEPT for one: the slide is made of aluminum.  Not breakage-prone Zamak.

With that single feature, Ruger set themselves apart from their competitors.

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4 Responses to “Ruger .22 Plinker”

  1. Calm Gun says:

    I wonder how it stacks up price wise.

    • Jack says:

      I picked up one of these great little Ruger .22’s at Hoffmans for $289.99. It’s a good little plinker with decent sights, a thumb safety, and two sizes of grips.
      No target pistol, but fun to shoot, and no doubt is more accurate than I am !

  2. Twinkie says:

    Isn’t the M&P .22 an aluminum slide?

    • Gunnutmegger says:

      Yeah, the S&W has an aluminum slide. Looks like they learned their lesson with the zinc Sigma cheapo a few years back.

      Caleb & Shelley Rae at Gun Nuts Media reviewed the M&P22 that is for rental at their store/range. It is apparently reliable, but cursed with the M&P trigger (“mushy and nonexistent trigger reset” is how Caleb describes it).