Good News, Bad News

Eenie Meenie Mynie Moe

The good news first:  South Korea has received permission to export 87,000 WW2-surplus M1 Garand rifles to the United States.  They will likely be made available to collectors and shooters via the Civilian Marksmanship Program.  These lightly-used rifles have spent most of their lives in storage, and represent a terrific opportunity for owning a functional piece of history.


The bad news:  South Korea was denied permission to export 770,000 M1 carbines because the M1 carbine accepts “high-capacity” magazines, and some claim that it can “easily be adapted to full-automatic fire”.

Yet another example of the arbitrary bigotry and discrimination towards guns.  It fits in nicely with absurdities like $200 taxes on suppressors, the ATF’s idiotic point system for handgun imports, and restrictions on rifle & shotgun barrel length.


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