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Yep, still here...

Yep, still here...

Yes, I know we have been quiet lately.  New jobs & new people in our lives have conspired to slow down our blog output.  We are working on getting back into the routine.  Rest assured, I will deliver a brisk spanking to at least one of the responsible parties.  (No, not you, Crapgame.  Sorry.  I mean, I’m sorry if that disappoints you, but I am not sorry that I won’t be doing it.  OK, I am just going to shut up now.)

In the meantime, some random musings:


The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

I see there is a new King of Gunblogging Assholery.  (FYI, those are links to posts describing the new King’s antics, not the King himself).

As a former jester in that court, I can only shake my head in disbelief at the herculean effort it took to stage this coup and unseat the old King.  A person cannot achieve this combination of arrogance, stupidity, deception and tone-deafness by accident.  Congratulations, I guess.

At least it is an achievement of some sort, unlike the rest of the site admin’s life (if the background information is correct).  I am sure that it is a mere oversight that Delta Force did not recruit this particular howitzer-loader.   Seems to me that gun enthusiasts (which tend to be law & order supporters) would be the last group of people that a pedophile would want to associate with, let alone piss off.  But what the hell do I know?  I think single-action pistols that require multiple safeties are less than ideal.

For the record, YankeeGunNuts is not affiliated in any way with Smoke and Thunder, nor will we be participating in that site in any way.  Furthermore, we do not grant any permission for our likeness, name, or content to be used on that site.


Practice guns

Since 9mm seems to be the most affordable centerfire pistol ammo, I have been considering a full-size pistol in 9mm to work on my accuracy.  No compromises to make it concealable.  Something with adjustable sights.  Then I thought, why not a specialized target gun?

Smith&Wesson makes a beautiful Performance Center Model 952, but it’s a bit rich for my blood.

The Glock 34 is nice and popular, but the only option for changing the sight elevation is swapping the front blade, and that annoys me.  Glocks fit my hand nicely, so the grip is not an issue.  The long barrel and lightened slide seem like good ideas to me.

Springfield Armory has their relatively new XD(M) 5.25.  Longer barrel & lightened slide like the Glock 34, but the sights are fully adjustable for windage & elevation.  Haven’t shot an XD or XD(M) before; the grip felt OK in the store.  The reviews on the 5.25 are good.  At the moment, this is what I am leaning towards.  Need to rent one and try it out.

Korth makes a semi-auto 9mm they call the Semi Automatic.  Reminds me of the product placements in Repo Man (beer cans labeled “BEER”, etc.).  Not the most modern design, but very accurate and very expensive.


More problems for CT gun stores

Once of the gun stores that we have written about, Perfect Trigger, seems to be in limbo at the moment.  Details to come…


The store is locked up, no one inside during business hours.  But there is merchandise on the shelves & pegboards (not guns though; they are not visible).  There are 2 signs in the window of Perfect Trigger.  Sign #1:

Sign #1

Sign #1

And then there is sign #2:

Sign #2

Sign #2

There is a message at their website as well:

Their website

Their website

I have looked on the web, on the CT Marshal’s office website, and in the local newspaper and I can’t find any information about the closure or one of the owners, Andrew Piscitelle.

We have received emails from people that have guns in Perfect Trigger’s possession.  They claim that the number provided for layaways and transfers lets you leave messages, but they never get called back.

We don’t know what the story is, but we will keep looking and provide updates.

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