How to actually contact Newington Gun Exchange

Update 12/04/2012: Nine months on, and I’m beyond baffled. People truly don’t read… In any event, here’s another futile attempt to get people trying to get in touch with Newington Gun Exchange actually in touch with Newington Gun Exchange. At long last, they’ve got a web page — please go here to contact them: — we do want people to read our review, but I spend an inordinate amount of time replying to people who clearly don’t pay much attention before getting in touch.


I am somewhat baffled. Yankee Gun Nuts is a blog, we write blog posts (well, to be fair, Gunnutmegger writes a lot of blog posts and I generally keep things running behind the scenes…). We are not, and never have been a gun store. Especially when we started this site a little over a year ago, and occasionally since then, we’ve reviewed a number of gun stores we like in Connecticut.

I guess that because a couple of them, notably Newington Gun Exchange and Bethany Firearms, do not have a web presence, our reviews are ranked the highest in Google when you search for them. Consequently, we receive a significant number of emails from folks who think we are these stores. For a long time, we simply politely responded to these emails, and pointed them in the right direction. To try to clear up the confusion, I made changes to the blog contact page, and the review for the store. I’m not saying people don’t read, but… people don’t read.

Gunnutmegger and I had the pleasure of visiting Newington Gun Exchange last weekend, and talked to the nice folks there — we mentioned the issue, and they told us that their original website was unavailable, and a new one was in production. We’ll happily update our information when they do.

To the best of my knowledge, the contact information listed on the Bethany Firearms page is up to date.

If you would like to contact Newington Gun Exchange, rather than just read our review, here’s their direct information:

Newington Gun Exchange
210 Market Square
Newington CT, 06111
Phone: (860)667-COLT (2658)
Fax: (860)666-5881

These are both great stores, and we don’t like to think that we’re making it MORE difficult for them or their customers.

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