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Following Trends

Following Trends

A couple of recent gun trends have me puzzled.  Not at the trends, which are simple enough concepts.  But the fact that they are trends at all is baffling.

Zombies.  It started as an offshoot of the zombie trend in entertainment.  “What gun would you choose to fight zombies?”  It was an interesting enough hypothetical, and it spawned plenty of lively discussions on the merits and flaws of various guns.

But then the trend bought a boat, hunted down the biggest shark it could find, and jumped over that shark.  Zombie targets?  Sure, I get it.  Why not?  I have shot at plenty of non-bullseye targets over the years.  It’s fun to break up the monotony.

Soon came Zombie Ammo from Hornady.  Zombie Knives from Gerber and KaBar (and a zombie pistol bayonet too!).  Zombie Ammo CansZombie red-dot scopes from EO-Tech, and traditional scopes (from Leupold!) with Zombie reticles.  Zombie gun cleaning kits. “Zombie Green” rifle stocks, pistol grips, and firearm finish.  A Zombie reloading setup.

The manufacturers wouldn’t design and sell these products unless they had a reasonable expectation that they would sell.  But to whom?

The other trend?  Bump-fire.  If you don’t know what it is, you can read wikipedia’s definition, or watch a video of it.

Using  a sliding stock to provide rapid-fire capability to semi-auto AR-15 rifles does, in fact, let a shooter use up their ammo faster.

What effect does it have on accuracy?  Not a positive one, since the gun would be moving more than it needs to, and the sight picture would be shifting its plane of focus.

How effective is bump-firing while the shooter is moving?  Probably not very effective, since maintaining solid contact between the stock and your shoulder while moving is a challenge even for a non-sliding stock.

I mean, if someone wants to modify a gun to horse around with bump-firing, they can knock themselves out.  As long as they don’t ask me to pay for their ammo.  But the concept seems like a solution without a problem.

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