Ammo Shortage?

Big Brass Ones

Big Brass Ones

Crapgame and I have been into several gun stores over the past few months and have heard complaints from the proprietors about shortages of ammo.  They order a case, but only get 3 boxes, etc.

This was predicted by other gun bloggers months ago.  Brownell’s also mentioned it in their news.  I don’t know if it is due to ATK’s government contracts taking up all of the production capacity, or rising prices/scarcity of raw materials.

But even basic stuff like target .22 ammo is hard to find.  And I haven’t seen a box of CCI Green Tag in over a year.


Taking Aim at Cops?

Red Alert!

Red Alert!

I followed a link on to this:

Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers

The essence of it seems to be that if a public servant enters a home illegally, the homeowner can respond with deadly force.

Well, at first glance, maybe this will stop the seemingly irresistible tide of laws that restrict our freedoms while letting citizens be victimized without recourse.  The police will certainly take more precautions to ensure that they aren’t kicking in the wrong door if they can be legally shot for doing so.

I am a little shocked that a RINO-esque milquetoast like Mitch “wifey won’t let me run for prez” Daniels signed this.  Maybe he has a pair after all.

Anatomy of a Mugging Gone Bad

Stupid Criminal

Stupid Criminal

Though, “bad” depends on whose perspective you take.

(As relayed to YankeeGunNuts verbally by the intended victim; names and certain personal details have been changed by request)

Joe* did his best to enjoy retirement.  A recently-retired engineer, this grandfather kept busy with hobbies and family, and took care of himself as well.  Every night, after dinner, he would walk in the park near his home.

Joe’s city wasn’t the same place that it had been when he was growing up.  Jobs left the city, never to return.  Crime and urban decay had taken hold and changed it forever.  Joe’s neighborhood wasn’t bad, but it bordered some unsavory parts of town.  While Joe was very open-minded and polite, and harbored no hate in his heart for any group of people, he also wasn’t blind, dumb or gullible.  That’s why he had acquired a handgun permit, and a .380 pistol.  He carried the pistol in his front pants pocket, in a pocket holster.


Epic Fail in the Making

Keep Dope Alive

Jesse Jackson: We Are Going to March on Gun Shops

Aside from the financial health of the gun industry, one of the few business categories that is showing growth in this economy, this is a supremely bad idea from a man who is notorious for bad ideas.

I hope this idea withers on the vine and never comes to fruition.  And that’s all I am going to say on this subject for the time being.

Here they go again…



The U.N says it wants bullet control, as well as gun control.

Full article here:  U.N. poverty group OXFAM wants bullet control as well as gun control.

The U.N. (which recently proposed making Zimbabwe dictator & mass murderer Robert Mugabe a tourism envoy!) has a long history of anti-gun shenanigans. This anti-bullet focus is just another facet of that.

Bullets have come under fire before, in different ways.

Some places (like New Jersey) ban hollowpoints.  (And then ammo companies develop round-nose expanding bullets like Federal’s Guard Dog).

Bans on lead have been tried as well, as a way of using EPA regulations as a backdoor to gun control.  Because it makes sooooo much sense to allow lead to be removed from the environment, but not to allow it to be put back into the environment it came from.  In response, non-lead projectiles were created, from metals like bismuth and tungsten (such as HeviShot) and the various all-copper bullet designs. There are also bullets made of mild steel, mainly surplus ammo from the former Soviet bloc.

With copper projectiles, cost becomes a factor.  Copper is expensive.  Any metal whose cost justifies people breaking into houses to steal pipes made of it is not going to a low-cost option. Which might be another tactic: make bullets too expensive to buy.  And the copper bullets aren’t as dense as lead, making them ballistically-inferior.  Same goes for steel bullets.  And I wonder about increased wear on the barrel with a steel projectile, copper jacket or not.

Silly socialists.  Your precious little Assault Weapons Ban didn’t work.  Neither did banning high-capacity magazines.  And these bullet bans won’t work either.  Shooters will use whatever they can find to make bullets, even if they have to steal the rims off your Prius in the parking lot of Whole Wallet, I mean Whole Foods.  But if flailing away at guns makes it easier to avoid wetting your diapers, well I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

Better keep a crying towel handy, though.