Walther+Smith&Wesson = Kaput?

A Relic?

A Relic?

I heard that S&W is divorcing from Walther.

This leaves me with curiosity on several points:

Will S&W still manufacture the Walther PPK for Walther?  (And if not, does that mean the design is departing the American marketplace?  Or will some other manufacturer step in to make them?)

Who will handle parts and service for existing Walther (P99, PPQ, PPS) guns, and who will handle those issues for S&W/Walther guns like the PPK and SW99? If Radom of Poland is making the PPS for Walther (in addition to the ones they make themselves), and Walther was/is making the P99/PPQ themselves, will they open up an independent channel to market/sell/service their products, or will they find another partner?

And what will the answers to those questions mean for American shooters & collectors?

I recognize that the PPK fell out of favor due to its complicated (“expensive”) manufacturing processes (thus increasing prices), its heavy weight (as compared to its competitors) and its heavy DA trigger pull for the first shot; not to mention the reputation of unreliability with hollowpoint ammo.

Perhaps advances in firearms design have rendered the PPK obsolete.  Even the cachet of being James Bond’s sidearm (in the past) hasn’t been enough to help the PPK fight off the tide of smaller, lighter .380 pistols.  (Bond also used a Gyrojet pistol in one movie, and we all know how that concept worked out).

So does this mean the end for the PPK?  Or will nostalgia & collector fever keep the design alive?

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3 Responses to “Walther+Smith&Wesson = Kaput?”

  1. Johnny Kaboom says:

    Walther USA ( in Ark) will handle all of the repairs & service. The agreement now is that S&W will make & sell the PPK/PPKS unti next April. My guess is that it will go on beyond that.
    Too many of the current S&W pistols compete with Walther so they had to go their own way.
    It will all work out.

  2. Gunnutmegger says:

    Well that is good news.

    I have used the PPQ and it is terrific gun, with a great trigger. Glad I will be able to get one soon.

  3. Crapgame says:

    I’m just hoping that it will bring the price of the magazines down out of the stratosphere.