The Turning Tide


The lack of traction that gun control measures have had in recent years is a welcome change.  The Supreme Court victories are important, but respect for the second amendment only becomes “real” when it is local.

Connecticut is a moderately blue state at the moment; an influx of wealthy New Yorkers contributed to our leftward drift over the past 4 decades.  (Having turned the Big Apple into dilapidated failure, they promptly moved their residencies to towns along the commuter rail line in Connecticut so they wouldn’t have to live in the mess they made, but could still ride the choo-choo into NYC to collect a fat paycheck.  They are like the Massholes that move to New Hampshire and try to turn it into Massachusetts part deux with more taxes and more dumb laws).

All of our federal legislators are democrats (though Joe Lieberman is less obnoxious than most), as is the governor.  Both houses of the state legislature are controlled by democrats as well.

All is not lost, though.  The gun laws here are not as oppressive as they are in our neighbors Massachusetts and New York.  I don’t know how Jay G. can stand living in Mass.

Which leads me to this newspaper article by one of the outnumbered republican legislators:


Publicity that Gun Owners Don’t Need

Open Carry Zealot

Another day, another dumbass carrying around an AR15, looking for a confrontation:

Attention Whore Alert

“He has over a dozen such videos of him getting confronted by the Oregon police while he carries his AR-15 .”

It gets better.  He describes himself thusly:

“I am a Constitutional guardian and activist, at the same time a Libertarian that will defend the Individual rights of Life, Liberty, and Property against Tyrannical and Collectivism. I am a Oregonian, but support the separation of Oregon to create the state of Jefferson. In the state of Jefferson we will make a new Constitution that resemble the USA Constitution, but with more Individual rights with a dictionary that describe the meaning of the Constitution. I am also a extreme Firearms, Freedom of Speech, and Property Activist”

Sigh.  One of those.

And after a deluge of negative comments (shocka!), he posts this rambling, incoherent, foulmouthed reply.

Listening to this guy’s words makes it obvious that he is semi-literate, defiant and an all-around embarrassment to the gun rights movement.  Eventually, one of his infantile stunts will get someone killed, and all responsible gun owners will be lumped in with this assclown.


More OC douchery from the same nitwit.

“Batman” Shooting Aftermath

Journalist Role Models

Since the horrible mass shooting at the Colorado Batman screening, frustrated calls for gun control have mostly come from individual anti-freedom liberals and from some local/state politicians.  Most national politicians have avoided making any strong push for gun control because they know the NRA can hammer them at election time (as they did in 1996), and because recent legal decisions have almost unanimously favored the “individual rights” interpretation of the Second Amendment.

That hasn’t stopped sneaky jackholes like upChuck Schumer from trying to sneak new anti-gun amendments into unrelated bills, but that appears to be more of a hail-mary stunt to appease his constituents.  There is no way that he is dumb enough to think that it would work.

People are still worked up about the incident, which has led to other incidents.  For example, a man (a lawyer!) carried a pistol into a showing of Batman in one of Connecticut’s most crime-ridden cities.  Other patrons saw the gun and called police, who swooped into the theater and arrested the man for what will likely be deemed specious charges (“Breach of Peace”, the catch-all charge when the police take a dislike to someone).


More Ammo Testing…On The Way!

Big Brass Ones

After looking back at my ballistics testing, I find myself very troubled by the results of the .38 Spl ammo tests.

In addition to testing more 9mm in the short-barrel Kahr, and more .40S&W in the Glock and the carbine, I procured a batch of different .38 ammo to test. Oddly, not a single retailer stocked the old standby “FBI Load” (.38SPL +P with a 158gr lead semi-wadcutter hollowpoint)

I will be re-testing the Speer Gold Dot short-barrel .38 ammo.  I will be using two .38 snubnose revolvers to verify my findings, and a 4″ gun to give some perspective from a “typical” .38 revolver.