“Batman” Shooting Aftermath

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Since the horrible mass shooting at the Colorado Batman screening, frustrated calls for gun control have mostly come from individual anti-freedom liberals and from some local/state politicians.  Most national politicians have avoided making any strong push for gun control because they know the NRA can hammer them at election time (as they did in 1996), and because recent legal decisions have almost unanimously favored the “individual rights” interpretation of the Second Amendment.

That hasn’t stopped sneaky jackholes like upChuck Schumer from trying to sneak new anti-gun amendments into unrelated bills, but that appears to be more of a hail-mary stunt to appease his constituents.  There is no way that he is dumb enough to think that it would work.

People are still worked up about the incident, which has led to other incidents.  For example, a man (a lawyer!) carried a pistol into a showing of Batman in one of Connecticut’s most crime-ridden cities.  Other patrons saw the gun and called police, who swooped into the theater and arrested the man for what will likely be deemed specious charges (“Breach of Peace”, the catch-all charge when the police take a dislike to someone).


The man had a valid CT pistol permit, and the gun was legally owned.  The police claim that the man didn’t obey their commands when confronted.  He claims that he complied.  The man claims to have been using a small-of-the-back holster with a shirt covering it.  The theater did not have a sign posted to prohibit weapons.

CT law is vague on the specifics of our state-issued pistol permits.  Concealed carry is permitted, and apparently so is open carry, though most permit holders (and the police as well) assume that open carry is not allowed.

In the aftermath of the Batman shootings, tensions are high and people (civilian and police) have been overreacting.  Hypocritical dictator Mikey Bloomberg took a break from trying to ban large sodas to slither to his mayoral podium 2000 miles away and declare that the police should go on strike until Americans “do what’s necessary to protect [the police]”.  His loyal lapdog, the linguistically-challenged Tom “Mumbles” Menino of Boston, took a break from demonizing allegedly anti-gay Chick-Fil-A and donating nearly $2 million of city property to anti-gay mosques (where he gave a speech at the ribbon-cutting ceremony) to echo Bloomy’s wishful thinking.

The mayor of New Haven (CT’s murder capitol), misinterpreted the New Haven incident as a mandate to flap his gums, and gushed:

“At a 4 p.m. press conference Wednesday, Mayor John DeStefano and Police Chief Dean Esserman stood behind the cops and condemned Hwang’s behavior. DeStefano said people shouldn’t carry guns into dark movie theaters.

“Just because something is legal, doesn’t make it right,” DeStefano said.

The mayor called for a citywide discussion about gun control. He called for a change in state law to let New Haven ban guns in certain public spaces, such as theaters and churches.

“Do we need guns in theaters? Do we need guns at Batman?” DeStefano asked.

“We don’t expect anyone to go into a theater with a gun—or into a bar—or into a church, a mosque or a temple,” DeStefano said. “We ought to reflect on some behaviors that are clearly legal,” but that do not reflect the “values” by which New Haveners want to live.

If I were as incompetent and corrupt as DeStefano, I would be just as eager to seize upon any incident that offered the chance of deflecting the blame for New Haven’s crime problem onto someone or something besides the guy the cops work for (DeStefano).

And of course the ever-vigilant pressitutes of the 4th estate have been working themselves into an indignant lather over the temerity that Americans show in exercising their constitutional rights in the face of journalists telling them how they ought not do so.  This tide of invective is split, however, between scorn heaped upon ordinary citizens who exercise their rights and the “cowardly” politicians that are refusing to “do something” about guns.

One of CT’s local media outlets launched their own call for the deceptively-worded “common-sense gun reforms”.  This tract of plaintive mewling exhibits exactly the same overwrought emotion and defective logic that those of us in the reality-based community have come to expect from leftist journalists.  (How do I know she’s a leftist? Read the bio line below the article).  While cleverer than most anti-gun screeds, the article commits all of the same errors that anti-gunners make every time.  Unsubstantiated claims?  Check.  Confusing logic with emotion?  Check.  Assuming that “social and economic inequality” causes crime?  Check.

And as a sign of just how far the anti-gunner’s fortunes have fallen, 9 of the 10 comments on the article are pro-gun.  I bet someone’s going to have to refill their Ativan prescription…

They won’t stop trying to disarm us until they are on the deep side of the frost line.  But after the dark days of the Clinton administration, it is nice to see that the momentum on this issue resides with supporters of the Second Amendment.


Then again, stories like this don’t help us:

Sparks moviegoer shoots himself in buttocks, apologizes, leaves theater

““The (man) was cooperative with police and admitted that his gun fell out of his pocket and when it hit the floor it discharged,” Dyer said in the police statement.

The man has a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon, Dyer added.”

Buy a holster, dammit!

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