Publicity that Gun Owners Don’t Need

Open Carry Zealot

Another day, another dumbass carrying around an AR15, looking for a confrontation:

Attention Whore Alert

“He has over a dozen such videos of him getting confronted by the Oregon police while he carries his AR-15 .”

It gets better.  He describes himself thusly:

“I am a Constitutional guardian and activist, at the same time a Libertarian that will defend the Individual rights of Life, Liberty, and Property against Tyrannical and Collectivism. I am a Oregonian, but support the separation of Oregon to create the state of Jefferson. In the state of Jefferson we will make a new Constitution that resemble the USA Constitution, but with more Individual rights with a dictionary that describe the meaning of the Constitution. I am also a extreme Firearms, Freedom of Speech, and Property Activist”

Sigh.  One of those.

And after a deluge of negative comments (shocka!), he posts this rambling, incoherent, foulmouthed reply.

Listening to this guy’s words makes it obvious that he is semi-literate, defiant and an all-around embarrassment to the gun rights movement.  Eventually, one of his infantile stunts will get someone killed, and all responsible gun owners will be lumped in with this assclown.


More OC douchery from the same nitwit.

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9 Responses to “Publicity that Gun Owners Don’t Need”

  1. Bob S. says:

    How about a different perspective on people like this?

    Would you agree that overall they are relatively rare?

    That maybe compared to something like the ‘occupy’ movement that people in the ‘gun rights’ community are relatively stable and there are incredibly fewer extremists?

    We also need people willing to push the limits to remind people just what those limits truly are.

    See, When I see guys like this I really don’t mind because I do feel they are in the minority but they represent a view that people have to deal with.

  2. Gunnutmegger says:

    I am not sure that a comparison to the “occupy” movement is valid. That particular circle of the Venn diagram has 100% overlap with the “lazy idiot” circle. When it comes to open carry, the % of jerks trying to draw attention to themselves and cause confrontations is lower (but still higher than it ought to be, in my opinion).

    If the guy in those videos wasn’t so combative and illiterate, I might be more forgiving of his style of open carry.

    But he is a bumbling yahoo who is deliberately trying to provoke confrontations. At the moment, he is just an embarrassment to the rest of the gun community, a stereotype that antigunners will point to as proof that gun people are unreasonable.

    But eventually this jackhole’s behavior will get someone hurt or killed. And then the calls to ban open carry will get both louder and more persuasive.

    My position is that we should keep making progress on winning the undecideds in the middle. The way to accomplish that is twofold: to be calm and responsible gun owners, and to deny the antigunners anything that they can use against us.

    This assclown fails on both levels.

  3. been says:

    “Attention Whore Alert”

    This coming from a guy who claims the “1911 sucks”


  4. Crapgame says:

    I can see where you get the idea that there’s a comparison, but not really. Consider that my good friend Gunnutmegger backed up his reasoning with facts. You may not like them, but it wasn’t simply a blanket statement.

    • Gunnutmegger says:

      It wasn’t a “claim”, either.

      It’s a factual observation, backed up with documentation from actual reviews of guns.

      A gun that needs tools to disassemble/reassemble? Sucks.

      A gun that’s not reliable with hollowpoints? Sucks.

      A gun that costs 50% (or higher) more than competing designs and requires additional gunsmithing to make it “right”? Sucks.

  5. been says:

    Fact: There is ‘documentation’ from reviews

    Claim: 1911 sucks because of those reviews

    It’s a claim…and I have none of those problems with my gun… /shrug

    • Gunnutmegger says:

      Do you work for Obama? I ask because your futile attempts to “debunk” my expose of the obsolete 1911 design are failing as miserably as the O-tards who are trying to paint Romney/Ryan as racists.

      Maybe you are the kind of person who reads glossy gun magazines and thinks that because you didn’t see any mention of unreliability in the review that the gun must be rock solid.

      Wake up. You are being lied to.

      Every review I referenced was in Gun Tests magazine. They don’t accept outside advertising from gun manufacturers. If a gun broke during testing, they say so. If it jammed, they say so.

      For the sake of argument, I will say that I believe what you are saying about your magical 1911 that doesn’t have the problems that the rest of the shooting world experiences.

      I hope you don’t bet your life on it.

      • been says:

        I mostly bet my life on my xdm or glock 23. I just don’t suffer from bias like many people do.

        • Gunnutmegger says:

          You chose 2 reliable guns to entrust your safety to. Neither is a 1911 design. A coincidence?

          Observation of facts and taking action based upon them isn’t bias.

          Bias is when people form opinions that run counter to the facts.

          I wouldn’t get so animated about the 1911’s unwarranted deification if its fan club wasn’t so Clintonian in their defense of it.