A new Mousetrap…but not neccesarily “Better”

Paging Rube Goldberg…

The front cover of Guns & Ammo this month has a weird-looking contraption from Sig called the “ACP” or Adaptive Carbine Platform.  There’s a video to watch at the link.

It seems to be a big aluminum housing that you attach your handgun to, making it into a PDW.  It is covered with Picatinny rails that you can attach scopes, lights, lasers to.  It has an attachment for an elastic sling on the back, and an operating handle to work the slide (which can be mounted on either side of the ACP).

There is a law-enforcement version with a wire shoulder stock on the back that would need to be registered as a short-barreled rifle if you want to own it.


The ACP is supposed to be compatible with any 5″ barreled pistol that has a rail attachment.

Patrick Sweeney (who is a very good gunwriter) does his best to sing the virtues of this thing, but I remain unconvinced that the average shooter has any use for this gizmo.  The sheer ugliness of the thing detracts from any potential “cool” factor.

A smaller device to simply allow the attachment of an elastic rear sling to a pistol would be a much more practical accessory in my opinion.  That is an excellent way to improve stability while shooting. And it wouldn’t have to be so big.

But a handgun is supposed to be light and handy, and this ACP defeats that purpose.  Shooting this thing one-handed sounds like a hassle.

I wonder about just how compatible this thing is with non-Sig pistols.

And I also wonder how tightly the ACP will fit on any gun, and if it will provide enough solidity to deliver an unshifting zero to an attached scope.  I mean, even if it holds the gun like a vise, as soon as you remove the pistol to clean it, your zero goes away.  Would you have to re-zero the gun every time you remove it from the ACP?

If you have a pistol with a rail on it, you can already mount a light or a light+laser combo on it.  And small red-dot sights like the Burris FastFire are pistol-mountable as well.  So, other than the sling attachment, what clear advantage does the ACP give?


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