The First Salvo

Senaturd Feinstein

The United Nations gun-grabbers are at it again.

Can House Stop U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Gun Grab?Treaties require 2/3 of the senate to ratify them.  Republicans hold 45 senate seats.  But that is no guarantee that some of the squishier “republicans” won’t vote to ratify.

And I think we all know what the “president” will do if this lands on his desk.

New Toy

Rimfire Fun

Sorry for the interruption in posting.  Life happens, and we had a bad storm in Connecticut as well.

I was looking for a .22 handgun that I could use for cheap realistic practice.  Since I already have a target pistol, this one was supposed to be a stand-in for a carry gun, with light weight and decent sights.

I considered a Walther P22 (which is actually made by Umarex).  The rear sight of the P22 is adjustable for windage, but the only way to change elevation is to change the front sight.  While they apparently modified the magazines to improve feed reliability, I still do not trust a gun with its slide made of Zamak.  So the P22 is out.