Britain: We Must Ban Kitchen Knives

dutch boy

Need More Fingers

I am flabbergasted.

First Britain bans guns, and sees their crime rate with guns rise 89% in the last decade.

That, in country that is known to be the most violent place in Europe, and more violent than the USA or South Africa too!

Now, to combat the violence, they want to ban kitchen knives.

Australia just banned the carrying of knives; this British proposal goes even farther and wants to ban them from the kitchen altogether, claiming that a bunch of chefs told them that big kitchen knives aren’t needed.

I also see that Australia is toying with banning glassware in pubs, as is Britain and Canada.

I wonder what will be next on their agenda.  Hammers?  Screwdrivers?  Cricket bats?  Rocks?

Like the old saying goes, if you build a better mousetrap, the world will find a way to kill people with it.  And some bureaucratic eunuch will attempt to ban it.


From the indispensable Iowahawk, I learn that a Briton is 5 times more likely to die in one of their government-run hospitals than an American is to be killed by gunfire, and get a link to this article:

Basic Errors Killing 1000 NHS Patient A Month A Study Has Revealed

I wonder when my English debating partner will call for the elimination of his own deadly medical system.


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