The “High-Capacity Magazine” Myth

Magazine Math

Magazine Math

Most shooters understand that the attempts to demonize magazines for the number of bullets they hold are a false-flag attack on our rights.  The rabid gun-haters are throwing everything they can think of at the wall in the hope that some of it will stick.  And their willing co-conspirators in the media are eagerly assisting them by deliberately confusing the public on the subject of guns to convince them to support more gun control.

How can the magazine originally designed to be standard equipment in 1935 to fit the Browning Hi-Power (13 round capacity) be legitimately described as “high capacity”?  That’s the standard capacity.


Like many of you, I have had to deal with friends and coworkers regurgitating the lies and distortions of the anti-gun fanatics.  At a Christmas dinner I had to sit next to a previously friendly co-worker who, knowing that I am a shooter, gently harangued me about the evils of “high capacity magazines”.  I repeatedly explained that the number of bullets in a magazine wasn’t very important since they can be changed so rapidly, and that a magazine was just a piece of bent sheet-metal with a spring and some plastic in it (and thus could be made in anyone’s garage or basement with basic tools from home depot), but the only acknowledgement I received was a shaken head.

How do you deal with such passive acceptance of ignorance?

After asking myself that question, I thought of a possible answer.

I created this fact-sheet about magazine capacity:


That is a JPG image.  I also made a PDF version:


I included the date of each gun design to short-circuit the argument that “high capacity” is some modern trend that has exceeded the scope of existing laws.

Print some up and use them to help fight the ignorance.  I am bringing a batch to the legislative hearing at the state capitol, where a blizzard of anti-gun laws are being proposed.

If you want to add to the chart, email me and I’ll send you the raw spreadsheet I used to make it.


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