The cupboard is bare (mostly)

Where da white boxes at?

Where da white boxes at?

Like the rest of you, I am feeling the effects of the ammo shortage.

I am using .22 guns for practice as often as possible.  Why?  Because 9mm is nearly impossible to find.  Not surprising, given its popularity.  .223 range ammo (as opposed to defensive/hunting loads) is scarce too.  I prefer not to deplete my reserves until that becomes unavoidable.  The similarity of the Ruger SR22 to many tactical pistols (in terms of ergonomics and sights) makes it a good alternative for low-cost practice.

What is surprising is how much .380 I am seeing still on shelves.  Also, .45acp is usually available, and most of the time .40S&W too.

There’s a lot of factors at play in this shortage; war production, other government contracts, panic buying, hoarding, etc.  I cannot say if there is any opportunism or profiteering going on, beyond a few unscrupulous dealers that I make a habit of avoiding. I would imagine that it is a good time to be in the ammo manufacturing business.  None of their product will sit idle waiting for a buyer.

Retailers are weary of getting phone calls from ammo-seeking customers.  Many of us have uncovered the delivery schedules for our local retailers, and are scheduling visits to coincide with the deliveries to ensure first crack at any ammo they get.

The shooting ranges that I frequent have ammo to supply their shooting customers thus far; they are sick of being asked to sell it to retail customers.  One owner hides the boxes so that people won’t see them and ask to buy it.

Hope it loosens up soon…


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